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A Black Door Novel

Black Door Series (Volume 4)


St. Martin's Griffin




The Black Door is a place of forbidden pleasures and where every fantasy can come to life.
The women in the Naughty Book Club – Naomi, Kennedy, Mira and Tyler – will go to any length to satisfy their erotic desires. While they keep that part of their lives a secret, their significant others are harboring secrets of their own. Naomi, a suburban housewife, is stuck in a loveless marriage and can't figure out why her husband won't have sex with her. Mira, the seemingly conservative CEO, has a wild side that could ruin not only her professional reputation but also her relationship with Sam. Kennedy, a flight attendant, is tired of looking for love in the wrong places, but the mystery man seated in first class might be just what she needs. And when Tyler comes home early from her latest design assignment, she discovers her girlfriend in bed with a man, and it is all she can do to keep it together. Here they each begin their experience at The Black Door. Once certain truths are revealed, will the shock of knowing destroy relationships, or will they all just ‘play nice', and forgive and forget?


Chapter One

"PLEASE LET me just look at it," Jessica pleaded, tugging on Chad's arm.

Chad pulled away, and moved his body over to the edge of the sofa. "No," he said adamantly.



Praise for Naughty

“Another deliciously addictive novel.” —Urban-Reviews on Naughty

“Steamy sex and a jaw-dropping twist that will have you begging for the fourth installment of this series. Betrayal is full of the page-turning drama and eroticism that Velvet is known for. Velvet is definitely giving the fans what they want.” —Urban-Reviews on Betrayal

“Another sultry and intoxicating story in The Black Door series, Seduction takes readers even deeper into a world where the stakes are high -- and everything is for sale.” —Black Expressions on Seduction (5 Stars)

“Exciting and hot. Velvet crosses many lines other authors avoid, and pulls the reader into each experience, scheme, sexual exploit and mystery.” —Fallen Angel Reviews on Seduction

“Velvet has done a wonderful job of crafting a series of erotica that will leave you waiting for the next chapter in the story of the Black Door. If you have not read any erotica before, the Black Door Series is just the thing to start with.” —Rawsistaz Reviewers

“A great read. If you enjoy reading erotica, "Seduction" by Velvet is a book that will keep you wanting more.” —The Latest on Seduction

“A spicy, titillating tale. Velvet skillfully brought a fast-paced storyline filled with scandal and eroticism…sexy and mysterious.” — on The Black Door

“The delicious high-priced scandal of Jackie Collins meets the steamy sexiness of Zane.” —Debbi Morgan, Emmy Award-Winning Actress

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About the author


Velvet is one of the steamiest writers of erotica and the author of The Black Door, Seduction and Betrayal. With her finger on the pulse, she knows how to make your heart race with her tantalizing stories of lust and seduction mixed with a dose of suspense.



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