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The Road to Joy

The Road to Joy

Letters to New and Old Friends

Thomas Merton; Edited by Robert Daggy

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The second volume of Thomas Merton's letters is devoted to his correspondence with friends -- relatives and family friends, longtime friends, special friends, young people he regarded as new friends, and circular letters addressed to groups of friends. They range from 1931, ten years before he became a monk, to 1968, the year in which he died at a monastic conference in Thailand.


The Road to Joy

The Road to Joy

To Mark Van Doren

You are certainly one of the joys of life for all who have ever come within a mile of you.


Praise for The Road to Joy

“His letters portray Merton's enduring exuberance and optimism, as well as his keen intelligence and sharp-tongued humor.... In reading these letters, one wistfully longs for Merton's close company.” —The New York Times

“Merton's wit, vitality and intelligence animate the collections in flashes of wisdom and insight.” —Publishers Weekly

“A fascinating glimpse at a witty, winsome, and often playful Merton and an important addition to Merton collections.” —Library Journal

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Thomas Merton; Edited by Robert Daggy

Thomas Merton (1915-1968) is one of the foremost spiritual thinkers of the twentieth century. Though he lived a mostly solitary existence as a Trappist monk, he had a dynamic impact on world affairs through his writing. An outspoken proponent of the antiwar and civil rights movements, he was both hailed as a prophet and castigated for his social criticism. He was also unique among religious leaders in his embrace of Eastern mysticism, positing it as complementary to the Western sacred tradition. Merton is the author of over forty books of poetry, essays, and religious writing, including Mystics and Zen Masters, and The Seven Story Mountain, for which he is best known. His work continues to be widely read to this day.

Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton

Robert Daggy

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