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The Plain Man

The Plain Man

The Max August Magikal Thrillers (Volume 3)

Steve Englehart

Tor Books




Magick and reality collide in a new, fast-paced Max August thriller

Max August is not invulnerable, but he never ages—a gift he earned while studying under the legendary alchemist Cornelius Agrippa. August, now an alchemist himself, is using his magickal abilities to fight the right-wing conspiracy known as the FRC, which seeks to control all aspects of society. At the top of the FRC is a nine-member cabal, each member of which is a powerful force in one area of society, such as media, politics, finance…and wizardry.

When Max learns that two members of the cabal are en route to Wickr, a Burning Man–like festival held in the American Southwest, he stages a plan to gather information from them and, he hopes turn one member against the others. Max has been careful not to leave a trail, but the cabal sees all, and an "accident" at a nuclear waste facility just 100 miles from the festival would send a clear message to those who oppose the FRC. Max may be timeless, but he is running out of time to stop the FRC and save millions of lives.

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Praise for The Plain Man

“For an almost superhuman span of time Steve Englehart has been blowing the minds of readers around the world--including my own. The Long Man adds another dazzling burst of storytelling power to the ongoing display of his brilliance.” —Michael Chabon, New York Times bestselling author on The Long Man

“Steve Englehart was one of the first authors I ever read. With The Long Man, he proves that even thirty years later, he still has the touch. I'm young again.” —Brad Meltzer, New York Times bestselling author on The Long Man

“Englehart, one of the best writers in comics, brings all his imagination and flair to this exciting tale of mystery, magic and suspense.” —Max Allan Collins, bestselling author of Road To Perdition on The Long Man

“Steve Englehart has finally continued the story of the Point Man, and it's about damned time. A crackling mystical thriller.” —Peter David, bestselling author of the Dark Tower comics on The Long Man

“The writing is solid and compelling, evidencing all the skill of a craftsman who has spent the last decade learning how to build an episodic story in the "To Be Continued" environs of comic books, yet never giving in to cartoony excess. In The Point Man, Englehart never lets the absence of pictures slow his story. It's a shame he hasn't written more prose since.” — on The Point Man

“I haven't read a novel like this since The Exorcist.” —Robert Anton Wilson, co-author of the Illuminatus! trilogy on The Point Man

“Full of reach and astonishment....Few working writers alive have [Steve Englehart's] sense of sound and of scene.” —Theodore Sturgeon, author of More Than Human on The Point Man

“Englehart comes up out of nowhere, or the Bay area or some place, to explode on us with a first novel that places itself way up there with some of the finest in the genre. The Point Man is as exciting a slam-banger as you'll find this year. But it's much more than that. The magic is most magical, and enormous to boot, and the mystery and the tension will not release you.” —Twilight Zone Magazine on The Point Man

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About the author

Steve Englehart

STEVE ENGLEHART is best known for writing for such comics series as Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman, The Fantastic Four, and Batman for DC and Marvel Comics, and for his novels The Point Man and The Long Man. He has been named Favorite Writer at the Eagle Awards, and has also won an Inkpot Award for his comics work. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area, where he is currently working on a new Max August novel.

Steve Englehart



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