Renquist Quartet (Volume 2)

Mick Farren

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Los Angeles--City of Angels, city of dreams. But sometimes the dreams become nightmares.

Having fled New York, Victor Renquist and his small group of Nosferatu are striving to reestablish their Colony in Los Angeles. They have become a deeper, darker part of the city's nightlife. And Hollywood's glitterati are hot on the scent of a new thrill, one that outshines all others--immortality.

But someone, somewhere, is meddling with even darker powers, powers that even the Nosferatu fear. Someone is attempting to summon the entity of ancient evil known at Cthulhu.

And Renquist must overcome dissent in his own Colony, solve the riddle of the Darklost (a being brought partway along the Nosferatu path and then abandoned), and combat powerful enemies to save the world--of humans!

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Chapter One
Victor Renquist touched a control set in the armrest of the long black stretch limousine and cracked the smoked-glass divider that separated him from Lamar. "Pull over and stop, please, just as soon as you are able."
From behind the wheel, Lamar answered without glancing back. "It's kind of hard on this stretch of Mulholland, sir."
Renquist nodded. "I know that. Just pull over when you can. Pull into one of those observation areas where you look out over the city."
"You want to look at the lights, sir?"
Renquist nodded and half smiled. "I do indeed,


Praise for Darklost

"Rich plotting and colorfully embossed characterizations."--Kirkus Reviews

"[An] intriguing tale of horror."--Library Journal

"Farren successfully conjures up a vision of nocturnal Los Angeles as sexy and dangerous."--Publishers Weekly

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  • Mick Farren

  • Mick Farren was born in Cheltenham, England on a wet night at the end of World War II and he has been complaining about it ever since. His fiction received attention in the late punk seventies with The DNA Cowboys cult trilogy. Through the 1980s and 1990s, he tempered cyberpunk with his own post-Burroughs, post-Lovecraft strangeness, while, at the same time functioning as a columnist, critic, recording artist, teaching a science fiction and horror course at UCLA, publishing a number of non-fiction works on popular culture, including a best selling biography of Elvis Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and the bizarre-fashion history The Black Leather, and also providing Rock & Roll lyrics for bands like Metallica, Motorhead, Brother Wayne Kramer, and others. With Kramer, he created the off-Broadway musical The Last Words Of Dutch Schultz, and he has scripted a number of TV documentaries. He emerged into the 21st century with the critically acclaimed and suitably unorthodox vampire saga The Renquist Quartet, and the forthcoming alternate world epic Flame Of Evil.

    Farren currently lives in Los Angeles. His most recent non-fiction is the autobiographic Give The Anarchist A Cigarette (Jonathan Cape, UK), his most recent novel is Underland (Tor Books US), and his current CDs are People Call You Crazy: The Mick Farren Story (Sanctuary UK) and The Deviants Dr Crow (Navarre US).


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Mick Farren

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