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Skin Flutes & Velvet Gloves

Skin Flutes & Velvet Gloves

A Collection of Facts and Fancies, Legends and Oddities About the Body's Private Parts

Dr. Terri Hamilton

St. Martin's Press




With over twenty years of experience as a sex educator and sex therapist, Dr. Terri Hamilton brings you this detailed look at everything you wanted to know about male and female 'private parts' and didn't even know to ask. In chapters such as "A Hose by Any Other Name" she examines historical and psychological perspectives on genital nomenclature and presents over 500 common - and not so common - nicknames. Dr. Hamilton also peers into a Pandora's Box of sexual scandals, untangles the mystery of pubic hair, tells tales of size and sighs, secrets and secretions, folklore and fertility rituals, and unveils the genital origins of numerous modern day social customs. Tantric teachings, medical mysteries, ecstasies and eccentricities, fashions and foibles all have a place in this meticulously researched compendium. Inside you'll find answers to such provocative questions as:

* What do a woman's facial features reveal about the vagina?
* Why was pubic hair left off classic Greek Statues?
* Who "discovered" the clitoris?
* How many girls are born with a penis each year?
* Where exactly is the most sensitive spot on the penis? (the answer might surprise you)
* What does the "evil eye" have to do with the penis?
* What famous silent screen star was said to possess the "Eighth Wonder of the World"?
* What foods increase blood flow to the penis?
* What is the connection between the upper lip and the clitoris?
* What piece of bridal attire has its origins in the hymen?
* What do cool fingertips reveal about a woman's genital area?

Dr. Hamilton explores the history, development, legends, and myths of human sexuality to provide the revealing answers to these and a host of other questions in this fascinating look at our most private parts.


A Penis by Any Other Name . . .

Q: Why do me name their penises?
A: So they can be on a first name basis with the one who makes most of their decisions.—CLASSIC PENIS JOKE

Pe•nis (p?'ns), n., pl. –nes (nez):...


Praise for Skin Flutes & Velvet Gloves

“...a humorous compilation of obscure but fascinating facts...that will put a smile on your face and keep your friends entertained for hours.” —Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D., author of Seductions: Tales of Erotic Persuasion

“A delight to read...informative and great fun.” —Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., author of The New Male Sexuality

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About the author

Dr. Terri Hamilton

Terri Hamilton, Ed.D., is a Certified Sex Therapist, a Certified Sex Educator, and a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist. She has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, and was a Professor of Health Sciences for 18 years. A nationally recognized Sex and Relationship expert, Dr. Hamilton has also worked as a television correspondent in Chicago, Boston, Miami, and San Francisco. She lives in Three Rivers, California with her husband, Dr. Bill Hamilton, and works as a Personal Life Coach.

Dr. Terri Hamilton

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