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Sister North

Sister North

A Novel

Jim Kokoris

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Sam was an indifferent Chicago lawyer content to drift though life on his good looks and his wife's money, until a violent incident shatters his world. Newly addicted to watching Sister North, a nun with a popular TV show, Sam embarks on a trip to Lake Eagleton, Wisconsin to see the wise nun personally, seeking forgiveness and spiritual guidance.

When he arrives, he discovers that he has been watching reruns-Sister North has vanished and all sorts of rumors abound. As he waits, wondering if the elusive nun will ever return, he unexpectedly, he falls in love with Meg, a reclusive waitress at the local restaurant. This was not the answer that he was searching for, yet, for the first time in his life, his feelings are genuine.

Jim Kokoris, the author of the beloved novel The Rich Part of Life, sensitively and compassionately portrays a remarkable story of forgiveness and hope. Undeniably powerful, Sister North is a novel that takes a poignant and humorous look at what passes for faith and love in the twenty-first century.


Nine months after his divorce, Sam stopped wearing underwear. It was a practical decision rather than any type of statement. After Carol left him, he remained committed to underwear, thinking it a fundamental part...


Praise for Sister North

“Follow that nun!...Jim Kokoris's characters, and scenes set in Midwestern bars and buses and restaurants, would do Tom Waits proud.” —The New York Times

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About the author

Jim Kokoris

Jim Kokoris is the author of the novel The Rich Part of Life, for which he won the Friends of American Writers Award for Best First Novel of 2001. An excerpt of his novel was also published in Volume VI of "Reader's Digest Select Editions." His humor writing has appeared in Chicago Tribune, USA Weekend, Chicago Sun-Times and Reader's Digest. A graduate of the University of Illinois, Kokoris lives in the Chicago area with his wife Anne and their three sons.

Jim Kokoris

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