Dry Ice

Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson

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In the frozen heart of Antarctica sits TESLA, a secret weather "research" station designed by Greg Simpson for Flint Agro-Chemical, a world-spanning agribusiness. Only a few people know that TESLA is creating weather all over the globe, granting Flint huge harvests and punishing the company's rivals with hailstorms and drought. Even fewer know that from time to time, Flint and TESLA help the Pentagon by providing just the right weather for a military operation. 

When Greg strikes a secret deal with the Pentagon, Flint executives decide to replace him with the beautiful and ultra-intelligent Tess Beauchamp. Arriving, Tess is surprised to find that Greg's second-in-command, Nik Forde, is even better looking than he was when they had a brief affair, ten years ago.

Tess doesn't have long to worry about the difficulties of a workplace relationship. Greg has barely left Antarctica--escorted by Flint security--when his secret, encrypted computer programs activate, sending fatal weather across the globe, striking every continent's grain-growing region and livestock-farming area. Tess and Nik must crack Greg's code and stop TESLA before the US government--unwilling to sit by and watch the planet's agriculture be destroyed by storm and fire, avalanche, and tsunami--launches a nuclear missile at the TESLA base.

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In the most remote location on the most remote continent on earth, the eerie landscape lay shadowless under a moonless sky as dark and vast as eternity. The high, empty, frozen plains of snow and ice cast up a feeble, hungry glow. The only light came from stars that glittered intermittently through the heavy cloud cover.
It was mid-March in central East Antarctica, and late in the evening of just another workday at the Terrestrial Energy Southern Land Array—TESLA—installation. The only sound to be heard, inside or out, was that of the wind, screaming at


Praise for Dry Ice

Praise for Dry Ice:

It’s a great plot, scarier than a terrifying tornado, stronger than a horrible hurricane, but don’t worry, Bill Evans will bring you home safe and sound.”
--Regis Philbin

“Engrossing . . . features cutting-edge science and a globe-threatening attack that reads like tomorrow's terrifying headlines. Weather wonks will be in heaven.”
--Publishers Weekly

Dry Ice is packed with weather disasters—and no one knows bad weather better than Bill Evans.  His expert’s touch makes Dry Ice compelling reading.”
--George Stephanopoulos, Anchor, Good Morning America and ABC News Chief Political Correspondent

Dry Ice excites and entertains from first page to last.  Not just a great thriller, it’s sometimes funny and always deeply human.”
--Bill Cosby

“If you thought you knew Bill Evans from his affable, New York TV weathercasts, think again.  In Dry Ice, he proves to be a meteorological Merlin who conjures up a gripping plot twister.  Hang on to your raincoats, people.  We ain't in Kansas anymore!”
--Tom Bergeron, Host, Dancing with the Stars

“Evans skillfully wields his knowledge of meteorology to develop weather as a compelling and fearsome character in the action of the story. Bad weather has never been this good!”
--Sam Champion, ABC-TV Weather Editor 

Praise for Category 7:

"A superb thriller.  Suspenseful and shocking."--Clive Cussler, New York Times bestselling author

"A fast-paced action-adventure that promises a rousing finale and delivers it."--Booklist

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  • Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson

  • Bill Evans is the multiple Emmy Award-winning senior meteorologist for WABC, Channel 7 in New York City. He can be heard on WPLJ Radio and has appeared on Good Morning, America and many other television programs. Evans and his family live in Connecticut.

    Marianna Jameson has extensive experience writing for the aerospace, defense, and software industries. She is also the author of Big Trouble and My Hero. She lives in Texas.

    Together, Evans and Jameson have written the New York Times bestseller Category 7, as well as Frozen Fire.

  • Bill Evans Courtesy of Bill Evans & WABC
  • Marianna Jameson


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Dry Ice

Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson



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