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Diminished Capacity

Diminished Capacity

Sherwood Kiraly

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Dimished Capacity by Sherwood Kiraly, author of three other novels including California Rush, Big Babies and Who's Hot, Who's Not, is a humorous story about an unlikely trio who hatch a plan to sell a rare baseball card, and is the basis for the motion picture starring Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda, and Virginia Madsen.

The townsfolk once voted him the strangest man in Missouri, but he turned the honor down, claiming it was "just a popularity contest." He has baited hooks connected to the keys of an old typewriter by the side of the Mississippi, so the local fish can write poetry. He keeps stacks of old newspapers piled up to his bedroom ceiling, and he doesn't know why. They don't get much more eccentric than old Rollie Zerbs of LaPorte, Missouri. But he does have one thing going for him--a rare 1909 Chicago Cubs tobacco baseball card, one of the most valuable cards in existence. And even though he can't remember where he just put it, he's on his way to Chicago to see what the card will bring...


My uncle Roland Zerbs lives in LaPorte, Missouri, where I grew up. He's known locally as the Fish Man.
LaPorte is small, under a thousand population—too small for Uncle Rollie, who is a sufficient character for a much...



Diminished Capacity - Movie Trailer

Director Terry Kinney's delightfully poignant and bittersweet comedy poses the question: How much is a good memory worth? That's the question that faces newspaper editor Cooper (Matthew Broderick) after a debilitating concussion takes him from the political pages to comic strip detail. Looking for answers, he travels home to Missouri where his now senile Uncle Rollie (Alan Alda) is on the verge of losing his home.


Praise for Diminished Capacity

“Funny, utterly guileless, and extremely well-written...original characters...A book meant simply to be enjoyed.” —Los Angeles Times

“A swift-flowing tale of low comedy and high jinks. Kiraly does an admirable job.” —New York Times Book Review

“Fannie Flagg meets W. P. Kinsella...whimsical, charming, and funny.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Engaging, quirky...good for a laugh and a pleasant afternoon.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Sherwood Kiraly

Sherwood Kiraly is the author of three other novels, including CALIFORNIA RUSH, BIG BABIES, and WHO'S HOT, WHO'S NOT.

Sherwood Kiraly

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