A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul: Inspector Singh Investigates

Inspector Singh Investigates (Volume 2)

Shamini Flint

Minotaur Books

Welcome to Bali, where violence, intrigue, and infidelity are all part of a day’s work for Inspector Singh.  

Inspector Singh, everyone’s favorite portly and wheezing homicide detective, is still recovering from his last case when terrorists set off a bomb on the neighboring island of Bali. With Singapore’s anti-terrorist team busy defending the home front, Inspector Singh’s bosses ship him to Bali to assist with the investigation. Unfortunately, Inspector Singh has as much experience with terrorism as he does with proper diet and exercise – none.

When the police find a skull fragment of a man who was killed before the bomb went off, Inspector Singh is assigned to the case. With Bronwyn Taylor, a peppy and eternally optimistic Australian cop, at his side, Singh’s investigation leads him to the wife of the murdered man, and her group of entitled, expatriate friends. The murder seems like an open-and-shut case – that is, until Bronwyn and Singh realize that this crowd is riddled with enough cheating and discontent to fill out a soap opera.

This simple murder is quickly becoming more complicated than Singh could have imagined. And how does it all tie into the act of terrorism that brought him to Bali in the first place? Set in an exotic locale and starring an unforgettable cast of characters, this second mystery featuring the utterly lovable Inspector Singh is exciting, funny, and suspenseful, with an ending that even the most seasoned detective couldn’t predict.


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A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul: Inspector Singh Investigates
OneInspector Singh could hear the heavy groans of frogs and the harsh chirping of crickets. The sounds of Bali were so different from the din of construction sites and car engines that he was used to in Singapore. The policeman scratched his salt-and-pepper beard thoughtfully. The night-time cacophony did have a certain familiarity. He realised that the racket reminded him of his wife's cross tones on those regular occasions when he arrived late for a family dinner or had a few beers too many at the Chinese coffee shop around the corner


Praise for A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul: Inspector Singh Investigates

Praise for A Bali Conspiracy Most Foul: Inspector Singh Investigates

"Tough talking, no nonsense and properly disdainful of his superiors, Inspector Singh is Singapore's answer to Dirty Harry -- in a turban. Shamini Flint's books are packed with penetrating insights into the myriad cultures of the Far East."
--Tarquin Hall, author of The Case of the Missing Servant

"Character-driven as well as plot-driven, the story ominously ticks on like a bomb in the midst of suspenseful twists and turns to a most surprising yet satisfying catharsis."
 --Qiu Xiaolong, author of the Inspector Chen series

"Shamini Flint has succeeded in creating one of the most unique and fascinating character in the annals of crime fiction.  Inspector Singh’s portly and disheveled figure casts an intriguing shadow over a fast-paced story of terrorism, murder, bravery and betrayal."
--Stephen Alter, author of Fantasies of a Bollywood Love Thief

"Chubby Inspector Singh, sniffing out suspects and sustenance with equal appetite, waddles through a Bali so richly evoked as to be another character.  Flint's bold blending of real and imagined events makes for a terrifically entertaining read with an unexpectedly moving conclusion."
 --Kate Veitch, author of Trust

"A rare murder mystery that keeps the reader on the edge of his seat while also delivering grand historical and cultural lessons and incisive social commentary."
--Preeta Samarasan, author of Evening is the Whole Day

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  • Shamini Flint

  • SHAMINI FLINT is a Cambridge graduate and was a lawyer with various UK firms, including Linklaters, for ten years, travelling extensively in Asia during that period, before giving up her practice to concentrate on writing. Her first book, Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder, was also published by Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books.

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