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Three Steamy Novellas

Tracy Brown, K'wan, and Angel Mitchell

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From the biggest names in urban fiction comes a collection of unforgettably hot short stories of urban love.

Flirting with Disaster by Tracy Brown

Chloe Webster is an around-the-way girl pursuing her journalism degree at Hunter College. Then she meets Trey, a handsome and well dressed cat with hood swagger. When Trey tells Chloe that he is pursuing a degree in psychology, Chloe thinks she has finally met someone who has his head screwed on right. But as Chole's flirtation with Trey intensifies, secrets are revealed and she finds that she's playing with fire.

Wild Cherry by K'wan

Gina is married to a man who more than takes good care of her, but her life of luxury comes with a price that she's not sure she can pay anymore. Princess' man doesn't see her as any more than dollar signs—as long as she keeps using her body to bring in the stacks. When Gina and Princess meet and realize that they share a common problem, they sent into motion an unforgettable plot that will solve all their problems…

Twice in a Lifetime by Angel Mitchell
Beautiful Marley Lucas, has had her heart broken before. Vowing to never experience that kind of pain again, hits her when and where she least expects it. And this love turns out to be the most devastating of all.


As she sped down the ramp like a track star, Chloe prayed she hadn't missed it. On the way to the ferry, she'd felt like the bus driver was going extra slow on purpose. The bus had finally pulled into the St. George terminal at 7:39 a.m., giving...


Praise for Flirt

“Powerhouse street lit authors Brown (Twisted) and K'wan (Still Hood) team up with newbie Mitchell (Another Woman's Husband) to deliver urban women's stories that hold surprising twists and turns. This short story collection, which explores the diverse ways in which flirting leads to unexpected consequences, will attract Brown's and K'wan's many fans and introduce Mitchell to a wider readership.” —Library Journal (starred review)

“Brown keeps the drama flowing and the pages turning.” —Publishers Weekly on Twisted

“With powerfully vivid language, Brown renders the astronomical highs and heartrending lows of a beautiful but damaged young woman's struggle with crack addiction. Though you may be afraid to discover what happens next, Brown keeps you hooked until the end.” —Vibe Vixen on White Lines

“The big draw draw here is the electric prose, which is imbued with profane, comic lyricism.” —Publishers Weekly on Hood Rat

“One of hip-hop fiction's hottest authors. . .fans will appreciate many of the qualities that make K'wan a writer to check for: gritty settings, memorable dialogue and authentic action.” —KING magazine on Street Dreams

“This gangsta romp is indisputably a page-turner.” —Library Journal on Eve

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Tracy Brown, K'wan, and Angel Mitchell

Tracy Brown is the Essence bestselling author of Aftermath, Snapped, Twisted, White Lines and Criminal Minded. Writing has always been her passion, and she finds it an honor to depict for her readers the things she's seen and heard. She is a native New Yorker, born and raised in Staten Island.

Tracy Brown

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