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The Summer Kitchen

The Summer Kitchen

A Novel

Karen Weinreb

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When Nora Banks goes to answer the doorbell very early one November 1st, she thinks it must be a group of teen pranksters still out trick-or-treating. But it's no prank—it's the Feds, who have come to arrest her husband Evan for a white collar crime. Nora's enviable, privileged life in the eighteenth-century house she'd quit her job to renovate to museum-quality perfection, is upended in an instant.

The Bedford wives close ranks against Nora and her children. Nora's only support comes from her children's nanny Beatriz. The two women bond to raise the boys as smoothly as possible while Nora goes back to work. Baking has always been her biggest passion, so she launches a business of her own, the Summer Kitchen. Tempted by the offer of an affair with one of the local husbands and thwarted by an alpha wife who actively tries to shut down her business, Nora has to reach into reserves she didn't know she had to support her family and change her way of thinking about life, family, money, and romance.



Expecting their mother's friends to arrive later in the morning to make jam for their school's bake sale in the fall, Nora Banks's children, Thomas, Nicholas, and Charlie, aged seven, five, and three, had set out to collect as...


Praise for The Summer Kitchen

“[The Summer Kitchen]... humanizes what society demonizes by taking the reader through Nora's shaken confidence, loss of income, the immediate shunning of the community, her humiliation at the hands of the feds, and her attempts to shield her children from all of it. While there is, materially, no reason to feel sympathy for Nora, Weinreb has created a sympathetic character because she gives early indicators that Nora didn't quite fit into that world in the first place. Weinreb sets a chilling tone when describing the dynamic in Bedford.” —Nancy Colasurdo, Life Coach, FOXBusiness

“Keenly observed, deliciously barbed, ...The Summer Kitchen is a novel for our time, one woman's story of saving herself and her family from personal betrayal and financial collapse. A terrific read!” —Kevin Baker, author of Strivers Row.

“The author's astonishing willingness to implicate her main character ...places The Summer Kitchen above formulaic chick lit. Our questions thus go beyond "Will her baking business make it?" and "Will she sleep with the crooked lawyer?" to "Will she reconcile with her husband?" I turned pages greedily, eager to find out.” —Jesse Kornbluth,

“WOW! I am so impressed with the style and ease in which Karen Weinreb writes in her first novel... The book takes us through the most horrible period of time for Nora but she discovers who she really is and how much inner strength that she has. She finds friends she never fully realized and that those she thought were friends were not. The Summer Kitchen is such a fantastic book I can't wait to see what Karen Weinreb writes next.” —Julie Moderson,

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About the author

Karen Weinreb

KAREN WEINREB is a former journalist with degrees from Yale and Oxford Universities who wrote for newspapers in Australia. Weinreb worked at Random House in New York City, and was a researcher for Harold Evans' The American Century.

Karen Weinreb

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