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The Richest Hill on Earth

The Richest Hill on Earth

A Novel

Richard S. Wheeler

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In this captivating historical novel, six-time Spur Award winner Richard S. Wheeler turns his storyteller's eye to a clash of towering ambitions in the American West, when the Copper Kings of Butte, Montana, wrestled each other for control of both the "richest hill on earth" and Montana's fledgling government.

The city of Butte looks like a cancerous mélange of smoky mine boilers and rudely constructed sheds when newspaperman John Fellowes Hall arrives on a cold spring day in 1892. Butte may be ugly, but it's the place to get rich. It's also a city full of stories—perfect for a journalist looking to make a name for himself. As an employee of mining titan William Andrews Clark, Hall becomes a part of the best story of them all: the fight among the Copper Kings.

Butte's three founding fathers were remarkable men with little in common other than ambition. Marcus Daly, a humble Irish immigrant, led the Anaconda Copper Mining Company. His political rival, the formidable William Andrews Clark, a brilliant but vain businessman, bought himself a United States Senate seat. And Augustus Heinze tried to steal the mines, using lawyers and bribed judges, only to be crushed by the Rockefellers. The Richest Hill on Earth captures their struggle as well as the stories of the ordinary people—the miners, their wives and children, the journalists, and even the psychics—trying to make their fortunes in the rapidly-changing West.
The Richest Hill of Earth is a Kirkus Reviews Best of 2011 Historical Fiction title.

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John Fellowes Hall fretted about his middle name. He had changed it from Frank. He couldn't imagine why his parents had inflicted that loutish name on him. Frank has such a pedestrian aura about it, but that had eluded them....


Praise for The Richest Hill on Earth

“Passionate, intelligently written, thoroughly entertaining historical fiction.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred teview) on The Richest Hill on Earth

“One of the best Western writers around today. He doesn't rely on epic battles or gunfights to tell his stories, relying instead on fascinating characters, vivid imagery, subtle action, and carefully drawn historical detail.” —Publishers Weekly

“No one writes Montana better than Richard S. Wheeler.” —Roundup Magazine

“A master storyteller whose heart is obviously in the West.” —Library Journal

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Read the Kirkus Review of THE RICHEST HILL ON EARTH . Wheeler (<em>The Deliverance<em>, 2003<em>, <em>etc.) brings to life robber barons, Irish immigrant miners and lost souls among the trash heaps and bawdy houses, headframes and smelters of 1890s Butte, Mont. - Kirkus Reviews

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Richard S. Wheeler

RICHARD S. WHEELER is the author of more than fifty novels of the American West. He holds six Spur Awards and the Owen Wister Award for lifetime contributions to the literature of the West. He lives in Livingston, Montana, near Yellowstone Park, and is married to Sue Hart, an English professor at Montana State University in Billings.

Richard S. Wheeler

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Richard S. Wheeler

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