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In the Wind

In the Wind

Barbara Fister

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Anni Koskinen is out of a job. After ten years in the Chicago Police Department, her moral compass led her across the thin blue line to testify against a fellow cop – and, in the aftermath, she lost the only career she ever wanted.

As she is putting a new life together, a gentle church worker appears on her doorstep and asks for a ride out of town. It's not until the FBI gets involved that Anni realizes she has helped a fugitive escape. And not just any fugitive.

It's hard to grasp that Rosa Saenz, a popular figure in her largely Latino parish, was once involved with a radical faction of the American Indian Movement. It's even harder to believe that Rosa was responsible for the murder of an FBI agent in 1972.

But even a close friend in the Bureau urges Anni to work with Rosa's defense team to find out what happened all those years ago. Because it soon becomes clear that it's more important to the authorities to find Rosa guilty than to find the truth.

Caught in the vortex of a no-holds-barred federal investigation, angry cops who believe she's once again working for the wrong side, and a dangerous group of white supremacists bent on establishing their own version of history, Anni's investigation into crimes of the past throws her in the path of a clear and present danger. And this time, she stands to lose much more than her job.

Drawing on parallels between counterintelligence practices of the Vietnam War era and today's hostile climate for civil liberties, In the Wind gathers gale-force strength as the events of the past collide with the present – and, for Anni, the political becomes all too personal.


Chapter 1

It starts, as always, in the crowded cooler of the old Cook County medical examiner's office. A worker in coveralls and a mask loads the rough wooden boxes stacked against the wall onto a dolly and trundles them, three at a time,...


Praise for In the Wind

“An understated crime-fiction gem. Conspicuously void of any explicit sexual acrobatics or stomach-churning violence, In the Wind is powered by a highly intelligent story line…discerning fans of political mysteries and thrillers looking for a wildly thought-provoking whodunit should check out this surprisingly compelling read.” —Paul Goat Allen, Chicago Tribune

“...Barbara Fister is back with In the Wind, a book that was worth the wait. As in her brilliant 2002 debut, Fister demonstrates her command for establishing strong characters. And Anni is a pistol. This is a book not to be missed.” —Gary Schulze of Once Upon a Crime, for Crimespree magazine

“a solid plot and characters that one looks forward to meeting again and again in future cases.” —Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

“…explosive…Fister expertly brings the turbulent past into focus…The Windy City already has plenty of fictional PIs, but they'll have to make room for the gutsy and appealing Anni Koskinen.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fister writers thoughtfully from Anni's perspective about the oppressed…and is particularly effective in her portrayals of Anni's autistic brother, Martin, and the Tilquists' bi-polar daughter Sophie…. In the Windis a tough, engrossing story.” —Mystery Scene

“An extremely satisfying book because all the vital elements are in place. The setting, is perfectly rendered, the plot is well conceived and executed. I was struck by Fister's skill in providing succinct descriptions of rather complicated issues and situations. She manages to provide all of Anni's police department background in just a few paragraphs; any other writer might have stretched that out for pages. But my favorite thing about the book was the characters. I hope In the Wind will be the first book in a series. I'm sure that Fister will be compared to Sara Paretsky, with the two authors both centering their books on strong females working in Chicago. However, Fister doesn't come off second best in such a comparison and has created a work that is unique.” —

“A splendidly complex protagonist” —Kirkus Reviews

“Fister is a powerful emerging voice in the mystery genre. She is a rising star with her intriguing, fast-paced plots and her rich and fully developed characters. Her heroine is smart, strong, honest and tough, and she's not afraid of a fight. When you close the book, you'll want more of Barbara Fister's wonderful novels. In the Wind is a thriller that will grab your attention and keep you turning the pages.” —Armchair Interviews

“Barbara Fister is the heir apparent to Sara Paretsky. IN THE WIND is an intriguing mystery, filled with great characters, an interesting and needed perspective on the city of Chicago, and a strong grounding in the politics and history of the past thirty years. Read it. You'll love it.” —Kris Nelscott Edgar and Shamus award nominated author of the Smokey Dalton series

“An engaging character, a fast-paced plot, and a story that draws thought-provoking parallels between the turbulent 1970s and the world we live in today. An excellent second novel!” —Marcia Muller, creator of the Sharon McCone series

“A tour de force of masterful storytelling, with scar tissue strong enough to stretch from the Vietnam era to today's assault on civil liberties. And Anni Koskinen is just the character to pull it all together - strong, honest, and caring - and all too capable of demonstrating both the power and danger of past mistakes. With In The Wind, Barbara Fister has created a vivid, intricately plotted and emotionally resonant novel that will stay with you a long, long time.” —Louise Ure, Shamus Award-winning author of The Fault Tree

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Barbara Fister

Barbara Fister lives in rural Minnesota, where she works as a librarian at a small liberal arts college.

Barbara Fister

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