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Suffer in Silence

Suffer in Silence

A Novel of Navy SEAL Training

David Reid

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A gripping novel of men training to become Navy SEALs who are pushed to their physical and mental limits---and what happens when those thresholds are crossed... in David Reid's Suffer in Silence

It's the pivotal test faced by every Navy SEAL: one hundred twenty sleepless hours of relentless physical punishment, interrupted only by hypothermia-inducing surf torture. Ensign Grey thought he knew what to expect, but when Seaman Murray attempts to blackmail an instructor who is determined to see him fail, Hell Week takes on a new meaning. With deteriorating health and a dangerous enemy in hot pursuit, the two unlikely friends struggle to survive. What happens in the darkness at the edge of the Pacific will change their lives forever.



THE TENDRILS OF FOG that snaked through the Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal (BUD/S) training compound only added to Grey's misery. The last rays of sunlight scattered into a luminescent haze, providing little warmth...


Praise for Suffer in Silence

Suffer in Silence is thoughtful, fearsomely honest, and expertly crafted---a genuine triumph. David Reid is a rising talent.” —The Midwest Book Review

“A gripping, amped-up novel that grabs you by the neck and shoves you into the sand and the surf with the young men who go through torture--all for the opportunity to wear the coveted trident of the Navy SEALs.” —Mark Greaney, bestselling author of The Gray Man and On Target

“Only someone who has been through the tribulation that is Hell Week can write about it with this level of detail. While reading this novel, I found myself shivering as I flashed back to this ultimate test of endurance that the author describes so vividly. This is no small feat, as I have repressed those memories for over twenty years.” —Dr. Howard Wasdin, former Navy Seal sniper and author of SEAL Team Six

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About the author

David Reid

David Reid completed all of First Phase, including Hell Week, while serving as an officer and boat crew leader at Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training (BUD/S). He began writing Suffer in Silence shortly after his training, resulting in an unprecedented inside look at the agonizing journey that every sailor must complete before he can call himself a SEAL. Reid lives in Menlo Park, California.

David Reid

David Reid

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