The Kosher Carnivore

The Ultimate Meat and Poultry Cookbook

June Hersh

St. Martin's Press

Kosher meat is prized by home chefs of all faiths for its high quality, savory flavor and the humane and well-supervised conditions it was raised and butchered under.  The 120 all-new, innovative meat and poultry recipes in The Kosher Carnivore will delight families who keep kosher, but will satisfy other cooks as well once they discover the fresh mixture of classic, elegantly ethnic and innovative recipes, such as:

--Standing Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding

--Classic Pot Roast

--Grilled Steak Chimichurri

--Slow-day BBQ Brisket

--Moroccan Chicken

--Crispy Fried Chicken

--Pesto-Crusted Lamb

--Orecchiette Pasta with Turkey Sausage and Broccoli Rabe

-- Pan-seared Duck Breasts with Figs and Madeira

--The Perfect Burger

The Kosher Carnivore focuses on meat, but provides fantastic dairy-free soups, side dishes, marinades and sauces, too—from Creamed Spinach without the butter or cream, to Fresh Guacamole.   It also provides complete and smart instructions on how to grill, roast, braise, stew and pan-sear, along with tips from expert butchers, organic farmers, a leading cookware and gadget guru, a wine authority and a knife skills professional: all there to help the home cook buy and prepare the best in kosher meat and poultry.

“Kosher eating is a trend 3,300 years in the making. This book addresses both the new face of kosher as well as the traditional kosher consumer, with a focus on meat and poultry. Whether you buy kosher chicken because it is plumper and tastier or kosher steak because you are observant and would not consider eating anything else, this book is an indispensable resource.”

                                                           --from Kosher Carnivore’s  introduction


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Praise for The Kosher Carnivore

“This book is filled with great ideas and wonderful recipes for cooks of all levels.  It's so good, I'm buying a copy for my mom!” --Mark Pastore, “The Sultan of Steak”, Pat La Frieda Meats

“June Hersh makes cooking kosher meat approachable—and, maybe more importantly, fun! In THE KOSHER CARNIVORE, you’ll learn why you want to cook kosher meat, get explanations of the varieties of cuts and find out which are the most delicious.  Her book is entertaining to read as well as to cook from!”--David Kolotkin, Executive Chef of The Prime Grill, New York City

“June Hersh’s The Kosher Carnivore is an innovative, informative and delightful contribution to America’s vibrant culinary scene. It upgrades classic kosher recipes so that even those of us who aren’t Jewish will love them!”-- Andrew F. Smith, editor in chief, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Food and Drink in America

"The Kosher Carnivore will appeal to most cooks, regardless of their faith...Very informative [and] inventive. Wholesome, healthy ingredients are a prevailing theme throughout most of Hersh's recipes. Any cook will find some favorite recipes in this book. Four out of five stars."--Seattle Post-Intelligencer

"June Hersh has burst upon the Jewish cookbook scene with [an] exceptional new book this year. As part of her research, she talked to dozens of kosher butchers...No slouch in the recipe department, The Kosher Carnivore contains 120 recipes that run the gamut from slightly traditional to unexpected. Hersh has also developed an array of flavorful, pareve side dishes."--Jewish Woman

"Don't have a friend, neighbor, or relative to walk you through meat-only kosher cooking? You're in luck--this thorough guide will instruct and entertain."--Library Journal (starred review)
"This is not a cookbook just for the religious sector, but will be on many recipe shelves given some time.  I really liked it because sometimes I don’t always have certain ingredients on hand and this book provides the means to create some delish dishes with few ingredients or alternatives...You cannot go wrong by this cookbook."--Apron of Grace
"Hersh offers a variety of hearty meals appropriate for both Sabbath dinners and weekend dinner parties alike. There are many traditional entries...as well as a trove of unexpected treats."--Publishers Weekly

"For the kosher cook looking for fresh, contemporary recipes, The Kosher Carnivore presents a host of appealing meat and poultry dishes for both family and company meals...June Hersh, an accomplished cook and former teacher, consulted with several leading professionals, including eco-kosher experts, to suggest the cuts of meats and techniques that will maximize the flavor of any given dish...Throughout, Hersh’s tone is friendly and supportive...The Kosher Carnivore is a fine addition to any well-rounded cookbook shelf."--The Jewish Book Council Magazine

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  • June Hersh

  • June Hersh is a teacher, writer and passionate home cook. She is the author of Recipes Remembered: A Celebration of Survival, written to benefit the Museum of Jewish Heritage. She lives in New York.

  • June Hersh


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The Kosher Carnivore

The Ultimate Meat and Poultry Cookbook

June Hersh



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