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American expat Scott Nolan has recently moved to Ireland and enjoys a flourishing career as a doctor, a rising media profile as a persuasive campaigner against drug abuse, and is very much in love with Laura, his beautiful new wife. But one wintry Dublin morning, Scott’s life is changed forever when a team of contract killers attempts a daring double ambush. Their target: Ireland’s antidrug government minister and his medical spokesman, Dr. Scott Nolan. The attack goes horribly wrong, and in the bloodbath that follows, Laura is killed by a bullet meant for Nolan. Fueled by grief and revenge, and desperate to claim back his life and find the killers, Scott enters into an uneasy alliance with his wife’s brother, police detective Mark Higgins. Together they embark on a highly controversial international covert mission to slowly and systematically infiltrate the drug scene and track down the assassin. Using secret U.S. army interrogation compounds and breaking almost every law in the land, the duo finally close in on their target . . . . This nail biting, heart-pounding blockbuster weaves a tale from the back streets of Dublin to the red-light districts of Amsterdam and the seedy streets of Bangkok, accelerating to a breathtaking climax that will test Nolan’s physical and moral fortitude to the absolute limit.


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1They arrived early, just as the first greyish streaks of daylight broke through a Dublin skyline.‘Shift it.’ Sean Kennedy tapped on the driver’s side of a black Toyota Corolla and the window slid open. The car was fogged from cheap French cigarettes and Kennedy waited until the air cleared and the two chain-smoking Russians inside stopped coughing. ‘I’ll cut in front of you at the end of the road. Keep about a five-minute gap between us so I can find a parking space. When I pull out you drive in and wait until I give the word.’ Kennedy knew the men only by their


Praise for Ambush

Praise for Paul Carson:


“Chilling. Grabs you by the throat from the first page and never lets go. If Betrayal doesn’t keep you reading through the night, nothing will. A topsy-turvy thriller with a wonderfully satisfying conclusion.” ---Chris Stewart, author of The Fourth War and The God of War

“A satisfying, character-driven, plot-twist-intensive medical thriller. Fans of Michael Palmer and Tess Gerritsen will want to add Carson to their to-read lists.” ---Booklist

“A terrific read.” ---The Irish Times

“A pacy thriller guaranteed to get the heart beating. A breakneck thrilling ride.”---The Irish Independent


“Thoroughly enjoyable . . . . Paul Carson is a name to watch. Top marks on the ‘hard to put down scale.’ ” ---Evening Herald

“An undeniably compelling chiller.” ---GQ

“This wonderfully tense read gleefully twists and gnaws at the nerves and has a terrifying sense of ‘it really could happen’ about it. Superb.” ---Big Issue

“A brilliant debut…a first-rate thriller.” ---The London Magazine

“Carson’s pace is helter-skelter . . . . a first-class thriller.” --- The Sunday Tribune


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  • Paul Carson

  • Paul Carson is a doctor and the bestselling author of Betrayal, Final Duty, Cold Steel, and Scalpel. He lives in Dublin with his family, where he also runs an allergy clinic for children.

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