Marine One

James W. Huston

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The president rushes across the South Lawn through a pounding thunderstorm to Marine One to fly to Camp David late at night. His advisers plead with him not to fly, but he insists. He has arranged a meeting that only three people in his administration know about. After fighting its way through the brutal thunderstorm on the way to Camp David, Marine One crashes into a ravine in Maryland, killing all aboard.

The government blames the European manufacturer of the helicopter and accuses them of killing the president. Senate Investigations and Justice Department accusations multiply as Mike Nolan, a Marine Corps reserve helicopter pilot and trial attorney in civilian life, is hired to defend the company from the criminal investigations, then from a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the most notorious lawyer in America on behalf of the First Lady. Nolan knows that to prevail in the firestorm against his client, he has to find out what really caused Marine One to crash, and why the president threw caution aside to go to a meeting no one seems to know about. To clear his client, Nolan must win the highest-profile trial of the last hundred years with very little working for him, and everything working against him.

Marine One expertly mixes political intrigue with courtroom drama and fast-paced action in the most exciting thriller of the year.


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Chapter One


If my radio alarm had gone off, I would have known the president was dead. But we had lost power from the thunderstorm that still raged when I woke up to the beep of my backup alarm, my Ironman watch. I got up and didn't even bother to look out the window. I liked running in the rain, but not in a storm. I shaved in the dim bathroom while the rain pounded the roof. I listened to Debbie running around trying to get the kids ready for school in the dark. They ate cold cereal with warm milk and whined about how horrible everything was.


It was the


Praise for Marine One

Praise for MARINE ONE:

"[An] outstanding thriller...This is nonstop legal suspense at its best." --Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Praise for James Huston and his bestselling thrillers

“Move over, Tom Clancy and Dale Brown---make room at the bar for James Huston.” ---Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassin

“Better than Grisham . . . better than Clancy.” ---Kirkus Reviews

"Huston has scored another success, doing for military law and constitutional questions what Scott Turow has done with civil and criminal law. And just as successfully.”---Newark Star-Ledger on The Price of Power

“A great novel; I couldn't put it down.” ---Rush Limbaugh on Balance of Power

“If you like Tom Clancy, you'll love Balance of Power. Indeed, if you like Tom Clancy, Huston is a good step up.” ---The Washington Post Book World 

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  • James W. Huston

  • James W. Huston is the New York Times bestselling author of several thrillers, including Falcon Seven and Balance of Power. A graduate of TOPGUN, he served as a Naval Flight Officer in F-14s on the USS Nimitz with the Jolly Rogers. He is currently a trial lawyer for the international law firm of Morrison Foerster and has been involved in numerous high-profile cases. He lives in San Diego, California.
  • James Huston


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