Wolf's Blood

Wolf (Volume 6)

Jane Lindskold

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Raised in the wild by intelligent, language-using wolves, in her teens Firekeeper was abducted back into the lands of men, where her upbringing as a wolf helped her survive the deadly intrigues of human beings.
One of the first things she learned in Hawk Haven was that magic was a thing to be feared and despised. Long ago, all the human kingdoms were ruled by powerful sorcerers. Then a plague came and the sorcerers died.  Nobody misses them. Much was lost--but still, nobody misses them.
Yet as Firekeeper has travelled and grown wiser in the ways of human beings, she's learned that the true story was more complex. In coming to the country of the Liglim, she, Derian Carter, and Blind Seer discovered that magic is still working in the world, and that it isn't always the evil they'd been warned against. But it also turned out that the old plague specifically targeted magic users.  And when Firekeeper and her friends learned to open the gates between worlds, the plague came back with them.
Firekeeper, Blind Seer, and Derian Carter survived the plague: not unchanged, but still themselves. Now Firekeeper is determined to learn the nature of the plague--and if she can, to end it forever. What happens next will be the culmination of the remarkable fantasy epic that began with Through Wolf's Eyes.

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Wolf's Blood
BOOK IIFIREKEEPER STOOD, feet planted slightly apart, head held high, and looked from her past into her future.She was a woman of indeterminate age, certainly no longer a child, but beyond that certain estimation placing her age would have been a challenge. Life lived in all the tempers changing seasons could hold had browned fair skin and faded brown hair, but her eyes were bright, her teeth white and strong.Her attire showed hard use. She was clad in worn leather trousers laced below the knee, and a battered cotton shirt that might once have been dyed pale green. Her feet were


Praise for Wolf's Blood

Praise for the “Wolf” novels of Jane Lindskold
“What do you get when you mix lost magic and feral children with dynastic politics, wolf social dynamics, treason, and over-ambitious, social-climbing parents? You get Jane Lindskold’s new novel Through Wolf’s Eyes and another stay-up-to-finish-the-last-page read.” —David Weber
 “Her characters live—they’re real, but they are different. And the world they live in lingers in the mind; heroic, squalid, exotic, everyday. I was convinced that it went on by itself when I turned the last page. Bravo!” —S. M. Stirling on Through Wolf’s Eyes
 “Exciting!” —Publishers Weekly on Wolf Captured (starred review)

“Watching Firekeeper learn about humanity and still maintain her identity as a wolf makes for compelling reading.  Intricately plotted and written, Lindskold’s latest creates an utterly fascinating world that readers can thoroughly lose themselves in.” —Romantic Times on Wolf Captured

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  • Jane Lindskold

  • Jane Lindskold lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She is the author of Through Wolf's Eyes; Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart; The Dragon of Despair; Wolf Captured; Wolf Hunting; The Buried Pyramid; Child of a Rainless Year; and several prior fantasy novels, including Changer, Legends Walking, and Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls. With Roger Zelazny, she wrote Lord Demon and Donnerjack.
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