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Lucky Chica

Lucky Chica

A Novel

Berta Platas

St. Martin's Griffin



Rosie Caballero hates her nagging boss, her "ditch-me" dating history, her second-hand wardrobe and third-rate job--nothing is easy. She can't even afford to pay for her dog Tootie's food.

And then, Rosie wins the largest lottery jackpot ever: 600 million. Rosie can hardly believe her new life: she spends thousands on diamonds, makeup, clothes, and promises. Rosie parties like a celebrity—and even meets the hottest actor on the planet, Brad Merritt, who sweeps her off her feet and seems too good to be true. But he's not the only one in her dizzying world—former boyfriends, larcenous advisors, paparazzi all swarm around her, vying for her attention (and money).

In between shopping sprees and photo shoots, Rosie has to find out who she trusts—and what money can (and just can't) buy.


Praise for Lucky Chica

“Part-cautionary tale, part-vicarious thrill ride, part Pretty Woman-style romance, Lucky Chica is one hundred percent top-shelf, addictive entertainment.” —Lynda Sandoval, author of "Party Foul," in Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

“Every lottery player knows to be careful about what they wish for. But everyone will feel like a winner and be wishing for more of Rosie Caballero after reading Berta Platas's Lucky Chica, a totally hip, funny and touching story.” —Caridad Piñeiro, author of South Beach Chicas Catch Their Man and NY Times Bestseller Moon Fever

“A charming tale about getting everything you want but discovering what really matters.” —Mary Castillo, author of Switchcraft

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About the author

Berta Platas

Cuban-born Berta Platas has been writing romantic comedies since the mid-1990's, when her Latina heritage collided with her brought-up-on-Monty-Python-and-SNL sense of humor. She is the author of several novels, including Cinderella Lopez. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and assorted kids, pets, and cute shoes.

Berta Platas

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