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Love of the Game

Love of the Game

4 for 4 (Volume 3)

John Coy

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Middle school is full of new challenges for Jackson, Gig, Isaac, and Diego, four sports-loving friends who have always stuck together. Lockers that won't open, older (and bigger) kids, classes that are far apart, tons of homework—there's a lot to get used to.

One thing the boys are looking forward to, however, is making the football team. Not every one will get what he wants, though, on the field and at home.



Where on earth is the bus?
I step out into the street and squint into the sun. I check my phone. 7:33. It's supposed to be here.
Behind me two older girls with straight, black hair, one with purple nail polish...


Praise for Love of the Game

“…this realistic novel will attract kids who like a story told without any dressing up.” —School Library Journal

“Coy effectively captures Jackson's mental state through a first-person narration that rings true, and many young readers will relate to all of Jackson's painful and humorous adjustments.” —Booklist

“There is a nice balance between the sports action and the portrayal of young people navigating the difficulties of growing up both at home and at school. Realistic characters, believable dialogue and a genuine feel for the rhythms and issues of middle-schoolers make this a satisfying addition to a solid middle-grade set.” —Kirkus Reviews

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Read the Kirkus Review of LOVE OF THE GAME . Middle-grade boys will welcome the latest installment of this popular sports series, this time featuring football. - Kirkus Reviews

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About the author

John Coy

John Coy is the author of many acclaimed books for young readers and teens, including Top of the Order and Eyes on the Goal, the first and second books in his 4 for 4 series. He lives in Minneapolis.

John Coy

John Coy

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