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Why Is Snot Green?

Why Is Snot Green?

And Other Extremely Important Questions (and Answers)

Glenn Murphy

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Scientific answers to mysteries kids really want to know.

Sure a lot of kids want to grow up to be astronauts, but according to scientist Glenn Murphy, even MORE kids want to know what happens to astronaut farts. (Short answer: Not good things!) And they want to know: Why don't all fish die from lightening storms? Why haven't we all been sucked into a black hole? Do animals talk? Told in a back-and-forth conversational style, Why is Snot Green? presents science just the way kids want to learn it--with lots of laughter.


Lost in Space

The universe can be a pretty dizzying place.
It was born in an almighty explosion of energy. It's so massively, hugely, immensely enormous that it's almost impossible to imagine how big it really is. Within...


Praise for Why Is Snot Green?

“Students will find this a fun book to browse independently or share with friends. An excellent choice for reluctant readers in search of entertaining, informative nonfiction.” —School Library Journal

“Parents who slugged through science back in the day might want to take a peek, and science teachers confronting the lost, the confused, or the disengaged should welcome this as a lively back-up plan.” —Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“This will be devoured by even the most reluctant readers or scientists.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Reluctant readers will find both format and subject appealing. Public libraries and media centers should acquire multiple copies, if possible, to meet certain demand.” —VOYA

“Children will have fun browsing the spacious pages and sharing what they read with adults, who can join in the explanations about complex stuff, including time travel and Einstein's theory of relativity.” —Booklist

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Glenn Murphy

GLENN MURPHY gathered many of the questions he includes in Why Is Snot Green? from his years in the Explainer team at the Science Museum in London. He now lives in Raleigh, NC.

Glenn Murphy

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