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The Lesser Kindred

The Lesser Kindred

Tales of Kolmar (Volume 2)

Elizabeth Kerner

Tor Books




The Lesser Kindred is the stunning sequel to Elizabeth Kerner's haunting first novel Song in the Silence, continuing the story of Lanen Kaelar, a young woman who fearlessly embarked on a search for the great dragons of legend and in her travels discovered not only the reality of the myth but her own true love.

Shortly after returning home with a husband who is more than he seems, Lanen's chance at happiness is threatened by the demon-master Berys, who is determined to capture Lanen, believing she is the key to his once and future domination of all of her homeland.

Young lovers are supposed to have happy endings-but those tales are no match for a mage's wiles and so Lanen and her man must flee. On their journey they will discover new friends and old enemies, make some startling discoveries...and stumble upon a truth that will change the world.

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Lesser Kindred

The First Morning of the World
I woke with the late winter sun in my eyes and smiled because Jamie had let me sleep.
Let us sleep.
It was the...


Praise for The Lesser Kindred

“A good book is a real find but a good sequel to a good book is an extra treat. I've read The Lesser Kindred and now I want to find out what happens next! The story is not over. I want more!” —Anne McCaffrey

“Elizabeth Kerner's interpretation is fresh and exciting, seamlessly interweaving several plot lines and portraying her characters with humor and sympathy...The Lesser Kindred establishes Elizabeth Kerner as a gifted storyteller.” —Romantic Times

“Elizabeth Kerner has a strong new voice that has the cadences and resonance of an old and wise bard.” —Jane Yolen

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About the author

Elizabeth Kerner

Elizabeth Kerner, as the daughter of a Navy doctor, has always found the simple question 'where are you from?' one of the most difficult. Born in Florida in 1958, she spent much of her early life being moved around the Northeast and the South of the US, including a brief but glorious sojurn in Kodiak, Alaska in 1969. She started writing while in high school in New Orleans and no-one has managed to stop her since. She received her MA in English Language (Philology) from St. Andrews University in Scotland in 1981, being one of the first Americans to complete a full degree course at that institution, and promptly joined the unemployment line. She spent a number of years as a non-fiction editor of medical and scientific books and journals, but when she moved to Hawaii in 1988 a whole series of new possibilities arose and she was variously employed as a grunt in the woodworking industry, an office manager for the Big Island AIDS Project, a trainee in furniture restoration and an apprentice goldsmith. By this time, however, her writing was starting to go somewhere, and her first novel, Song in the Silence, was published in 1997 by Tor.

She now lives with her best-beloved husband Steven in a small town just outside of Edinburgh Scotland, and from her upstairs window can just see, if she leans out, the looming towers of the nearby power station. If anyone would care to dynamite several inconvenient homes that are in the way, she would have a sea view. Any reasonable offers considered.

Elizabeth Kerner

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