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Haunted Destiny

Haunted Destiny

A Midnight Dragonfly Bonus Short Story

Ellie James

St. Martin's Griffin




Teenage mystic Rachelle Dugas knows to expect the unexpected when she fills in for a friend leading a Haunted New Orleans tour. But when she decides to check out a haunted house on her own, nothing prepares her for the secrets lurking in the shadows—or the twist of destiny about to unfold.

For more from the Midnight Dragonfly series check out Shattered Dreams, on sale December 2011.


Lost souls. Old souls. Tortured souls. They gather in the dance of the shadows, swaying quietly to the whisper of eternity.

I stared at the words, repeating them silently--and trying not to laugh. "You're kidding,...


Praise for Haunted Destiny

“James crafts a sexy, suspenseful paranormal thriller.” —Kirkus Reviews on Shattered Dreams

“Ellie James has created a haunting, mystical page-turner of deceit, betrayal and magic with Shattered Dreams. Trinity receives a bit too much "new kid" attention upon her return to a recovering post-Katrina New Orleans when her psychic visions link her to a missing classmate (who just happens to be the recent ex of the new guy in her life). Trinity soon realizes her unusual gifts may do more than help find a kidnapped cheerleader - they may reveal secrets about her past as well.” —Kimberly Smith, Cool Kids Read, on Shattered Dreams

“The first novel in The Midnight Dragonfly series takes flight with a powerful mix of mystery, magic, and romance. SHATTERED DREAMS is an entrancing debut brimming with all the things that make New Orleans unforgettable!” —Shannon Delany, author of the 13 to Life series, on Shattered Dreams

“A cruel prank, a mysterious psychic gift and the ghostly streets of New Orleans set the stage for Ellie James’ hauntingly readable SHATTERED DREAMS. A word to the wise -- this tale of love, betrayal, and stalking evil is best read with the lights on.” —Jana Oliver, author of The Demon Trapper’s Daughter, on Shattered Dreams

“Well-written and filled with both dramatic and romantic tension, SHATTERED DREAMS is an exciting debut you won't want to miss.” —Jenna Black, author of Glimmerglass and Shadowspell, on Shattered Dreams

“With SHATTERED DREAMS Ellie James delivers all the goods--in very high style. Set in post-Katrina New Orleans, SHATTERED DREAMS takes readers on a rollercoaster ride of thrills and chills while exploring the deepest recesses of friendship, family and love. The romantic relationship between Trinity and Chase brings to life the unyielding power of young love. In addition, James captures the sultry atmosphere of New Orleans with such skill that you'll hear the blues echoing from the French Quarter, feel the sweltering heat rising from the wet cobblestone streets and smell the dank earthiness of the river.” —New York Times bestselling author Linda Castillo on Shattered Dreams

“A haunting and engaging story with characters who will stay with you long after you finish the book. Ellie James is a debut author you won't want to miss.” —CC Hunter, author of Born at Midnight, on Shattered Dreams

“Mesmerizing! With Shattered Dreams, Ellie James has woven unforgettable characters and dark elements into the richness of New Orleans to create a beautifully haunting tale that will stay with the reader long after she turns the final page.” —Rachel Hawthorne, author of the Dark Guardian series, on Shattered Dreams

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About the author

Ellie James

Ellie James believes in dreams and destiny. A graduate of the LSU Manship School of Journalism, Ellie has been writing as long as she can remembering, with tragic poems and tender stories giving way to mystery, adventure, and a fascination with the unexplained. Currently, Ellie resides with her husband and two children in Texas.

Ellie James

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