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The Sword of Venice

The Sword of Venice

Book Two of The Venetians

The Venetians (Volume 2)

Thomas Quinn

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The powerful, raging second novel in The Venetians trilogy that tells of the bitter and enduring conflict between two powerful Italian noble families.

The Lion of St. Mark told the story of the deep-seated rivalry between the patrician Ziani and Soranzo families---a long history of hatred and strife that had passed from one generation to the next. In the end, the brave Antonio Ziani and the proud Giovanni Soranzo set aside their personal vendettas against each other in order to save their beloved city of Venice from attack by the Ottoman Turks.

But their truce could not endure. Though Venice has managed to remain free from invasion, danger still looms on the horizon as she is threatened, in turn, by her implacable foes---the Turks, rival Italian city-states, and the papacy, all seeking to reduce her legendary power and possess her great wealth.

In these perilous times, new members of the Ziani and Soranzo families wage a bitter and violent campaign of retribution against one another. The truce that Giovanni and Antonio had made together proves fleeting as their sons resume the passionate feud with even greater malice.

Told against the backdrop of historical events---the continuing war between Venice and the Ottoman Empire, the Ferrara War that exploded across the Italian peninsula, and the constant intrigues of the powerful papacy---The Sword of Venice brings to life the Ziani and Soranzo families, who must cope with love, loss, treachery, kidnapping, murder, war, and peace. As invading forces march ever closer, Venice and her leading families must fight for survival or perish with their city.

Praise for The Lion of St. Mark

"[The Lion of St. Mark] succeeds for one reason: We experience these distant events from the perspective of a deeply sympathetic character. Ziani's dignity, devotion to country, and sense of honor are downright infectious."

---Frank Wilson, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Debut author Quinn nicely captures the greed-is-good aspect of fifteenth-century Venetian culture [and] has a good command of period history and accouterments: Think Tom Clancy channeled for those thrilled by galleons and exploding minarets."

---Kirkus Reviews

"Chock-full of the political and personal intrigue that characterized life . . . this seafaring saga is drenched in local color and accurate historical detailing."



The Sword of Venice

Chained naked, with his arms and legs spread painfully apart, he writhed in vain. He was gripped by raw fear as cold sweat ran in rivulets down his contorted face...


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About the author

Thomas Quinn

Thomas Quinn was born in Newark, New Jersey, and is a graduate of Cornell University, with a degree in Labor Relations. After graduating, he worked seventeen years for Procter & Gamble in various sales and marketing positions in the United States and the United Kingdom. Later, he was president of a division of the Irish Dairy Board and vice president of sales for Warner-Lambert and CIGNA Healthcare.
He resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with his wife. They have two grown children and two grandchildren. The Sword of Venice is the second novel in The Venetians trilogy. His first novel, The Lion of St. Mark, was published in 2005.

Thomas Quinn

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