Kate and Nate Are Running Late!

Kate Egan, Dan Yaccarino

Feiwel & Friends

Being on time is an art—an art most of families have yet to master. From spilling coffee to misplacing keys, we’ve all dealt with the many things that can derail our morning routines. This humorous depiction of chaotic mornings is oh, so true.

Kate and her two children, Nate, and his older sister, Maddie, have all overslept. How will they EVER make it to school and work on time dressed, fed, and organized?


Praise for Kate and Nate Are Running Late!

"How refreshing to find a story in which a parent makes a mistake without being turned into a goonish caricature. Children need to know grown-ups make mistakes too; it helps validate their own trial-and-error trajectory. And Egan makes this point felt in an organic way, without pointing it out didactically. Yaccarino’s retro illustrations are charming and full of kick."--New York Times online

“This rhyming story humorously details the dreaded weekday-morning routine and its attendant chaos.”--School Library Journal

"...should garner knowing laughs from kids and grownups alike.”--Publishers Weekly

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  • Kate Egan, Dan Yaccarino

  • KATE EGAN is a freelance book editor. She lives in Brunswick, Maine, with her husband and two kids. This is her first picture book and an accurate depiction of most mornings in her household.

    DAN YACCARINO is the illustrator of The Belly Book and many other children's books. He lives in New York City with his wife and and their two children. Visit him online at www.yaccarinostudio.com.

  • Dan Yaccarino
    Dan Yaccarino


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Kate and Nate Are Running Late!

Kate Egan, Dan Yaccarino