People of the Raven

North America's Forgotten Past (Volume 12)

W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear

Forge Books

Award-winning archaeologists Michael and Kathleen Gear spin a vivid and captivating tale around one of the most controversial archaeological discoveries in the world, the Kennewick Man---a Caucasoid male mummy dating back more than 9,000 years---found in the Pacific Northwest on the banks of the Columbia River!

A white man in North America more than 9,000 years ago? What was he doing there?

With the terrifying grandeur of melting glaciers as a backdrop, People of the Raven shows animals and humans struggling for survival amidst massive environmental change. Mammoths, mastodons, and giant lions have become extinct, and Rain Bear, the chief of Sandy Point Village, knows his struggling Raven People may be next.

One day a strange and beautiful red-haired woman, Evening Star, stumbles into his council lodge and begs him for sanctuary. Rain Bear soon learns that she is an escaped slave from the North Wind People, the Raven People's mortal enemies. If he offers to protect her, the North Wind People will attack, but if he sends her back, Rain Bear knows Evening Star will be tortured and perhaps killed.

But when Evening Star warns Rain Bear that the North Wind warriors are already on their way to Sandy Point Village, Rain Bear must decide at once if he should take his people and run or gather them into a battle that could result in the Raven People's complete demise.

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People of the Raven
OneThe pale blue halo of dawn arced over the eastern horizon and shimmered on the high snowcapped peaks. Mother Ocean still lay in shadow, her voice soft this morning, a bare purl of sound. White breakers pounded jagged rocks, then washed onto gravelly beaches. Offshore, fir-covered knobs of rock jutted from the wave-streaked water.Just to the north, along the precipitous shore, Waket's Nose--a spear of basalt--thrust up. Streamers of morning mist shredded on the mossy rock and drifted through the few stands of firs that had taken root in the steep sides.The grizzled warrior


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"I idly picked up the People of the Raven and began reading. Five hours later I was still at it, totally engrossed. I haven't read a novel this good in a long, long time. People of the Raven draws you into a magnificent, sweeping world---America, circa 7300 B.C.---that is so real you can almost breath in the air of it. It tells a big hearted story of war and peace, love and violence, with a cast of richly drawn characters. This is a novel that will stay with you for years---I guarantee it."---Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Relic

"People of the Owl...cements the Gears' place in Jean Auel's genre of prehistoric fiction."
---Romantic Times (4 stars)

"Extraordinary...The Gears colorfully integrate authentic archaeological and anthropological details with a captivating story replete with romance, intrigue, mayhem, and a nail-biting climax."---Library Journal on People of the Owl

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  • W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear

  • Kathleen O'Neal Gear is a former state historian and archaeologist for Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska for the U.S. Department of the Interior. She has twice received the federal government's Special Achievement Award for "outstanding management" of our nation's cultural heritage.

    W. Michael Gear, who holds a master's degree in anthropology, has worked as a professional archaeologist since 1978. He is currently principal investigator for Wind River Archaeological Consultants.
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    W. Michael Gear
  • Kathleen O'Neal Gear Jeff Corney
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