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Iced On Aran

Iced On Aran

Dreams (Volume 4)

Brian Lumley

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Once David Hero was an ordinary man living in the real world. Now he is trapped in the Dreamlands, cut off from the waking world. David Hero's dreams and nightmares have become his only reality.

Atop the Dreamlands' most majestic mountain is an unusual sculpture garden, featuring statues of the Dreamlands' legendary heroes. For generations insane artists have created and tended the glistening statues of ice. Each hero is represented by twin portraits--perfectly matched except for the expressions of horror frozen into one of each pair!

Seated on a chilly rock, David Hero is the mad sculptor's newest subject. He sees nothing to account for the fear and dread on the icy faces that surround him. Until he attempts to rise from his pedestal--and discovers that the rock is not the only thing shrouded in ice!

Trapped by black sorcery, David Hero has only one chance to escape.

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Iced On Aran

King Kuranes' questers, called Hero and Eldin for short--though neither of them was short, for being ex-waking worlders they were much taller than the average dreamlander, or Homo ephemerens,...


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About the author

Brian Lumley

Brian Lumley retired from the British Army in 1980, after twenty-two years of service, to become a full-time writer.

Iced on Aran is the final volume in a four-volume series of adventure novels by Brian Lumley, following Hero of Dreams, Ship of Dreams, and Mad Moon of Dreams, all available from Tor Books.

Lumley's first success in the United States was the Necroscope trilogy--Necroscope, Vamphyri!, and The Source--which was followed by Deadspeak and Deadspawn. The Necroscope series has spawned comic books and graphic novels. In 1993, model kits featuring characters from the books were introduced.

The vampire saga continues in Blood Brothers and The Last Aerie, with a third book, Bloodwars, expected to complete the story of the sons of Harry Keogh.

Lumley's short fiction has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies and often been selected for volumes of The Year's Best Horror. His stories have been nominated for many awards, including a World Fantasy Award nomination for "Born of the Winds." "Fruiting Bodies" won the British Fantasy Award and is the keystone of a collection, Fruiting Bodies and Other Fungi.

Other novels by Brian Lumley include The House of Doors, Demogorgon, and the Psychomech trilogy: Psychomech, Psychosphere, and Psychamok.

Brian Lumley visits the United States several times a year but makes his home in England.

Brian Lumley

Barbara Ann Lumley

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