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The Borribles

The Borribles

The Borribles (Volume 1)

Michael de Larrabeiti

Tor Teen




What is a Borrible? Borribles are runaways who dwell in the shadows of London. Apart from their pointed ears, they look just like ordinary children. They live by their wits and a few Borrible laws-the chief one being, Don't Get Caught! The Borribles are outcasts-but they wouldn't have it any other way....
One night, the Borribles of Battersea discover a Rumble-one of the giant, rat-shaped creatures who are their ancient enemy-in their territory. Fearing an invasion, an elite group of Borrible fighters set out on what will become known in legend as The Great Rumble Hunt. So begins the first of the three epic adventures in Michael de Larrabeiti's classic trilogy, where excitement, violence, low cunning, greed, generosity, treachery, and bravery exist side by side.

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The Borribles

The swirling rain-clouds rushed on revealing the bright moon, and the two Borribles dodged behind the bushes and kept as quiet as they could. There was danger in the air and they could feel it. It would pay...


Praise for The Borribles

“No one can deny that de Larrabeiti has written a modern epic. It's a brilliant invention.” —Publishers Weekly on The Borribles

“With considerable ingenuity and finesse, de Larrabeiti has projected a grim, violent futureworld...he presents an alien culture with its own folkways, legends and taboos. The Borribles won't win friends among the starry-eyed or squeamish, all the same they are the offspring of a singular imagination.” —The New York Times on The Borribles

“May be regarded as a moral satire on the consequences of violence and cupidity or a cynical recognition of the times in which we live. Either way this Clockwork Orange projects a gripping story through slam-bang action.” —The Los Angeles Times on The Borribles

“The adventures of The Hobbit and the rabbits of Watership Down are more than once called to mind...and de Larrabeiti has brought something of these mythologies to the street markets and the back-alleys of South London and the thronged waterway of the Thames itself.” —The London Times on The Borribles

“A strong and vivid fantasy, much recommended.” —The Observer on The Borribles

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About the author

Michael de Larrabeiti

Michael de Larrabeiti was brought up in Battersea. He is the author of two more books about the Borribles--The Borribles Go For Broke and The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis--as well as many other books. He has three grown-up daughters and lives with his wife in Oxfordshire.

Michael de Larrabeiti

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