Other People's Weddings

Noah Hawley

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Laurie is a wedding photographer who has photograph more than a thousand weddings over the last ten years. One morning, when wakes up and wonders what happened to all those couples. She starts making calls. Some of them are still together. Others have split up. She begins a photography project to document what happens to love after the wedding. She photographs widowers and divorcees, homewreckers and stalkers.

She is still photographing weddings, and at one of them she meets a man who has sneaked into the proceedings. A crasher. They share a spark, a few moments of powerful chemistry, and then he's gone. Later, at home, she finds pictures of him at eleven other weddings she's photographed and wonders if his propensity to crash weddings is sweet or creepy. She starts looking for him at every wedding she photographs. When she finally sees him again, a romance begins between them.

Through her courtship, glimpses of her past emerge-her own first marriage and divorce, the things she is trying to get over, to get past, that threaten her new relationship. Her past makes her a ghost at all the weddings she photographs. Before the book is over, she has to tear down all the walls she has built.


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1Byron Alexander has a giant head. Seen through the wide-angle lens of my Leica it looks like a lie, a doctored photograph clipped from a supermarket tabloid: LOCAL MAN'S HEAD SWELLS, PREPARES TO BURST. He is wearing a black tuxedo, a vintage bow tie. His bride-to-be, Candy Newell, is standing beside him in front of a trickling stream, ready to commit to richer and poorer, sickness and health. Her cheeks are like shiny red apples. It is a startlingly blue August day and hot, stifling. We are shooting the formal portraits before the wedding begins, the glamour shots, the


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"Other People's Weddings isn't the lighthearted romantic comedy the title suggests. Yes, it does have romance. And yes, it does have snappy one-liners. But it also has a dark side that exposes our fears about love, trust and commitment. I loved this novel, but buyer beware: You'll ache for the heroine, even as you'll applaud her wit and indomitable spirit." -Jane Heller, author of Lucky Stars and The Secret Ingredient

"Better than a fly on the wall, Noah Hawley is a high-speed, wide-angle lens--and the portrait of American marriage he creates in OTHER PEOPLE'S WEDDINGS is sharper, darker, and infinitely more fun than anything in any leather-bound album."-Nicholas Weinstock, author of As Long As She Needs Me

With "Other People's Weddings," Noah Hawley answers the question "Can a male
writer get inside the head of an über-contemporary female protagonist?" with
a resounding yes. The forces that fueled Hawley's Paris Review story "In the
Air"--namely his attention to the intricacies and complications of modern
relationships--are at work in this charming novel.-Vandela Vida

"Oh how much cheap ink has been spilled complaining how hard it is to find the right man! As if he was an elusive pair of trendy pink heels, out of stock everywhere you shop. Finally, here's a novel about dating that doesn't pretend love is an island paradise, and recognizes that chill in the air is leaking from a shattered past we thought we'd sealed off."-Po Bronson, author of What Should I Do With My Life?

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  • Noah Hawley

  • Noah Hawley is a screenwriter, filmaker and photographer. He has directed two short films for the Fox Searchlab new director development program. His first novel, A Conspiracy of Tall Men, was optioned by Paramount. Noah Hawley adapted the screenplay. He has published stories in The Paris Review. He lives in San Fransisco.



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