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ABANDONED! A Lion Called Kiki

ABANDONED! A Lion Called Kiki

Rainbow Street Shelter (Volume 4)

Wendy Orr; illustrations by Patricia Castelao

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)



Mona's uncle Matthew works in a circus, and he always gives pretty great birthday presents. But when Mona turns eight, he gives her something better than juggling balls or stilts—a baby lion cub! His note says that the cub's mother couldn't care for it properly, and he knows Mona and her grandparents can help.

Mona names the lion Kiki, and at first Kiki is like any other kitten. As she grows bigger and bigger, though, Mona realizes that Kiki needs a home which will allow her to be the wild animal she was born to be.

Fans of the Rainbow Street Shelter books will love reading about how the shelter started and how its owner, Mona, has always loved animals—starting with an adorable baby lion.


Praise for ABANDONED! A Lion Called Kiki

“A wonderful stupendously blunderful read aloud: full of delicious word play that will delight listeners, with art reminiscent of Edward Ardizzone.” —Ellen Fader, Youth Services Coordinator, Multnomah County Library and ALSC Immediate Past President on Mokie and Bik

“This set of splishy-splashy episodes will itself draw waggles from easy-reader graduates and read-aloud audiences in general.” —Kirkus Reviews on Mokie and Bik

“Orr's colorful use of language brings energy to the story. The many crosshatch drawings are often graeful and always appealing. A lively, unusual choice for young readers.” —School Library Journal on Mokie and Bik

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About the author

Wendy Orr; illustrations by Patricia Castelao

Wendy Orr has written more than two dozen children's books, including LOST! A Dog Called Bear and MISSING! A Cat Called Buster, the first two books in the Rainbow Street Shelter series; Mokie and Bik; Ark in the Park; and Nim's Island. She lives with her family in Australia, near the sea.

Wendy Orr

Patricia Castelao

From the Publisher

Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

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