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The Hanging At Leadville

The Hanging At Leadville

Cameron Judd

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With over one million of his books in print, Cameron Judd is one of today's foremost authors of the American West. Here Judd pens a compelling historical novel with the elements of mystery, ghost story, and Western woven brilliantly together.

Welcome to Leadville. A melting pot of Irish and Swedes, steelworkers and scam artists. Growing faster than it can bear, tainted by the soot of smelters and the smell of whiskey, Leadville is the town where two reporters carrying pencils, pads and six-guns will meet their match. Brady Kenton, America's foremost traveling reporter, has come to the violent mining town to sniff out a story for Gunnison's Illustrated American. Alex Gunnison, son of the famous publisher, comes along for the ride, as Kenton's assistant and to keep the trouble-seeking journalist out of harm's way. But with a dead body found and lost, and an innocent boy running from a killer, the two men have more than a story on their hands. They're searching for a Civil War criminal who may be alive and well in Leadville-and up to his killing ways again...


He traveled in milling crowds, between rows of board-and-batten buildings, through relentless stenches and din. Above stretched a starry Colorado sky close enough to touch, below spread boot-sucking mud, and...


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Cameron Judd

Writing with power and authority, Cameron Judd captures the spirit and adventure of America's frontier traditions in his fast-paced, exciting novels.

Not since Louis L'Amour's Sackett series has a writer brought to life the struggles, tragedies, and triumphs of our early pioneers with such respect and dignity. With over one million of his books in print, Cameron Judd is one of today's foremost authors of the Old West. He makes his home with his wife and family in Chuckey, Tennessee.

Cameron Judd

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