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Darwin's Wink

Darwin's Wink

A Novel of Nature and Love

Alison Anderson

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"A love story, a war story, an ecological adventure, a biological poem, and a treatise on the fragility of life--Darwin's Wink has it all. The writing is so incantory that it almost floats off the page. In Fran, Alison Anderson has created a strong, flawed, and utterly believable heroine.... Like the elusive, bejeweled mourning bird it celebrates, this book will waken its readers to unexpected wonders. A beautiful book. I loved it."
- Molly Giles, author of Iron Shoes

The author of the critically acclaimed Amelia Earhart novel Hidden Latitudes offers a beautifully crafted story about two naturalists, both damaged by ghosts from the past, who find love as they work to save a rare bird species off the coast of Mauritius--and fend off a powerful townsman who is threatened by their presence.


Chapter 1

At dusk the woman stands at the edge of the island to watch the birds in flight above the lagoon. Hers is not a usual, distant, appreciative watching; she has a trained eye, and she looks for signs in the birds' flight,...


Praise for Darwin's Wink

"Anderson captures the expansive beauty of Mauritius and the nuances of human character with languid, sensual and occasionally violet prose." - Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson lived in Greece, France, England, and Switzerland before moving to San Francisco, where she now works as a writer and translator. She is the author of Hidden Latitudes (1996), a novel of Amelia Earhart based on Anderson's yearlong sailing trip on a 30-foot ketch, which was nominated for the San Francisco Chronicle's Best Book of the Year and the Bay Area Book Reviewers Award.

Alison Anderson

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