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The Betrayers

The Betrayers

Harold Robbins and Junius Podrug

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Luz had nightheat, the sensuous quality in a woman that makes men ache with desire. Nick loved and lusted for her the first time he saw her. But what he didn't know was that Luz had secrets--that beneath the glamour and sex appeal was a woman determined to turn her back on wealth and challenge a corrupt political system. Even if doing so meant her life.

Nick started out dirt poor--as a child, he survived the war-torn frozen hell of the siege of Leningrad and saw his mother starve to death as fat-cat bureaucrats ate well. He learned early that there were the haves and have-nots in this world. He was going to get everything rich people had--and more.

From a brutal Soviet orphanage to a plantation in the steamy jungles of the Caribbean, from sultry, violent Havana to the dangerous streets of Santo Domingo, Nick battled men who controlled and exploited the wealth of nations. With bootleg vodka and exotic rum, he built a business empire that would one day bring him into conflict with the most brutal dictator in the Caribbean--and a struggle for the love and life of the only woman he ever truly loved.

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Praise for The Betrayers

“Robbins's literary legacy remains very much alive, and his thousands of fans should experience a pleasant sense of déjà vu as they race through this latest installment.” —Publishers Weekly on Heat of Passion

“Harold Robbins is a master.” —Playboy

“Robbins's books are packed with action, sustained by a strong narrative drive, and are given vitality by his own colorful life.” —The Wall Street Journal

“Robbins's dialogue is moving....His people have the warmth of life.” —The New York Times

“The pages go whoosh!” —Kirkus Reviews on Sin City

“Robbins's faithful fans will be lining up for this one....The plot is spiced up with loads of fantastical sex and nymphomaniacal women” —Booklist on Sin City

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About the author

Harold Robbins and Junius Podrug

Born in New York City, HAROLD ROBBINS is one of the world's bestselling authors, writing novels that often mirrored his own experiences and that were peopled by charcacters he had met. He died at the age of eighty-one in Palm Springs, California.

JUNIUS PODRUG was selected by the Robbins Estate to carry on the ideas, uncompleted works, and tradition of Harold Robbins because he was both a friend of Harold's and a writer whose books Harold admired. He is the author of Harold Robbins' Sin City and Heat of Passion.

Harold Robbins

Junius Podrug

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