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A Novel of Robin Hood

The Outlaw Chronicles (Volume 4)

Angus Donald

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"A rip-roaring tale . . . full of twists and turns...A fast-moving, thoroughly enjoyable yarn." —Kirkus Reviews on King's Man

Robert, Earl of Locksley, returns in Warlord, the latest in Angus Donald's compelling historical novels, reimagining one of the most indelible figures in folklore—Robin Hood.
King Richard I, the Lionheart, is engaged in a bloody war to drive the French out of Normandy. Using the brutal tactics of medieval warfare—siege, savagery and scorched earth—the Lionheart gradually pushes back the forces of King Philip of France. By his side in this epic struggle are the erstwhile outlaw Robin Hood, and Sir Alan Dale, his loyal friend.

But while the battles rage, Alan is preoccupied with discovering the identity the man who ordered his father's death ten years earlier—a mystery that leads him towards to Paris, deep into the heart of the enemy's territory.



I have been thinking much upon Death of late; my own demise mostly, but also that of beloved comrades. I do not fear the Reaper—I like to think that I never have—and yet I can sense his presence just over the next rise....


Praise for Warlord

“Donald is a masterful storyteller, creating complex plots full of intrigue, treachery, color, and authentic battle scenes of medieval warfare...this is convincing historical fiction.” —Publishers Weekly on King's Man

“Makes everyone's favorite outlaw a lot more interesting. Outlaw is as fast-paced as a charging war-horse. Superb!” —Nelson Demille

“A rip-roaring tale...inspired by but not slavish to historical events of the Dark Ages, this book is full of twists and turns...A fast-moving, thoroughly enjoyable yarn.” —Kirkus Reviews on King's Man

“A rousing yarn!” —Publishers Weekly on Outlaw

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About the author

Angus Donald

ANGUS DONALD was born in 1965 and educated at Marlborough College and Edinburgh University. He has worked as a fruit-picker in Greece, a waiter in New York and as an anthropologist studying magic and witchcraft in Indonesia. For the past fifteen years, he has been a journalist in Hong Kong, India, Afghanistan and London. He is the author of The Outlaw Chronicles, including Outlaw, Holy Warrior, and King's Man.

Angus Donald

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