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Low Road

Low Road

The Life and Legacy of Donald Goines

Eddie B. Allen, Jr.

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Donald Goines was a pimp, a truck driver, a heroin addict, a factory worker, and a career criminal. He was also one of world's most popular Black contemporary writers. Having published 16 novels, including Whoreson, Dopefiend, and Daddy Cool, Goines's unique brand of "street narrative" and "ghetto realism" mark him as the original street writer.

Now, in the first in-depth biography of Goines's life, author Eddie B. Allen explores exactly how one man could make the transition from street hustler to bestselling author. With exclusive access to personal letters, treatments from unwritten books, photographs, and family members, Allen uncovers Goines's personal experiences with drugs, prostitutes, prison, and urban violence. Fans of Goines's novels will note a dramatic parallelism between his life and his fictional tales.


Praise for Low Road

“[A] comprehensive look at the gritty novelist's own thug life, (Low Road) unfolds like a fast-paced thriller that mirrors Goines's popular bestsellers.” —Essence magazine

“In an in-depth biography of the original street-fiction author, Donald Goines, Allen examines the life of the late author who influenced all your favorite rappers.” —The Source

“Allen illuminates the life and writings of arguably the most influential chronicler of black urban life in the post-World War II era. Goines' legacy is maintained by a hip-hop generation that is just as invisible and ignored. Eddie B. Allen J...thankfully brings that legacy into even sharper focus.” —AOL BlackVoices

“For readers who are looking for the definitive story of Donald Goines's life, a wonderful addition to their bookshelves about black popular culture and its icons, and simply, a great read, this is the book.” —Black Issues Book Review

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About the author

Eddie B. Allen, Jr.

Eddie B. Allen is a freelance writer and has covered national figures such as Bill Clinton and Louis Farrakhan. He has been published in the New York Times, The Detroit News, the Philadelphia New Observer, and The Michigan Chronicle. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Eddie B. Allen Jr.

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