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Singled Out

Singled Out

Trisha Ashley

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Cassandra Leigh has a long-term lover who is handsome, charismatic, sophisticated--and married. Now Max has abandoned Cass and taken his wife off to America, leaving Cass all alone in her damp little cottage.

Cass always dreamed that one day she and Max would be married and have children, but now she is waking up to reality. Not only is the prince missing, there isn't even a half-way decent frog in the vicinity.

Meanwhile, Jason, one of her oldest friends, has developed a worrying crush on her--she's also had an encounter of a closer kind than she bargained for with Dante Chase, the new owner of the U.K.'s most ghost-infested manor house, a man even more haunted by his past than Cass is by hers.

Now, the vicar wants to sell Cass off to the highest bidder at the local charity slave auction, and Max, Jason and Dante are each determined to bid for her. And somehow Cass knows that they're all after more than a little light dusting . . .


Praise for Singled Out

“All the typical elements [with] a pleasantly daft twist . . . . [an] entertaining plot.” —Booklist

“Will have you chuckling out loud . . . I could not help but L-O-V-E Cass. Author Trisha Ashley is an author to watch . . . Highly recommended reading!” —Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews (5 stars)

“This is romantic comedy, but not for girls who like their romance rose coloured and uncomplicated. This is romance chock full of real life. Messy, complicated, and with a deep vein of black humour that Trisha mines in her own unique way. I recommend you write Singled Out on the back of your hands ready for the next time you're bookshopping. It's not one you want to miss.” —Your Time (UK

“Trisha Ashley's romp... makes for enjoyable reading.” —The Times (UK)

“Fresh and and funny.” —Woman's Own (UK)

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About the author

Trisha Ashley

Trisha Ashley was born in Lancashire, England, and has had a variety of jobs, including working for a stained glass maker and a plumber. She has reluctantly decided to give up her fascinating but time-consuming hobbies of getting divorced and moving and has settled down in North Wales.

Trisha Ashley

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