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In the Kingdom of the Fairies

In the Kingdom of the Fairies

A Memoir of a Magical Summer and a Remarkable Friendship

Susan Coyne

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When Susan Coyne was five years old her family went, as always, to spend the summer in a cottage on Lake of the Woods in Western Ontario. One of their neighbors was an elderly retired school administrator and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Moir, whose garden was one of the local wonders.

Nearby was a ruined cabin now inhabited, Susan was assured, by elves; all that remained of it was a moss-covered fireplace, a miniature enchanted castle with tunnels and ramparts. If you leaned in close you could hear the hum of elves living and working deep within. Susan swept the heart, filled walnut shells with water, and left a small tribute of flowers. One day when she visited the fireplace she found a letter waiting for her; it was from a princess fairy. and so began a summer's correspondence that would nourish a lifetime.

Susan later knew that the letters were written by Mr. Moir, with whom she stayed in touch over the years. But to her they always remained pure magic, a pathway into the worlds that words alone can create. Here is a memoir for children of all ages - to be read, read aloud, reread, remembered.


Praise for In the Kingdom of the Fairies

"A beguiling tale of a child bewitched by the best magic: stories told by an adult not too old for make-believe." - Kirkus Reviews

"Coyne's memoir is a tribute to the beauty and innocence of childhood, where nothing is too strange or fantastic to come true. Heartwarming and charming, if a little treacly, this fiction-like reminiscence may delight children and adults alike." - Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Susan Coyne

Susan Coyne is an actor who has played leading roles in theatres across Canada and is a founding member of Toronto's Soulpepper Theatre. The theatrical version of In the Kingdom of the Fairies, called Kingfisher Days, was produced by the Tarragon Theatre, where Coyne is a playwright-in-residence. She and her husband, the actor and director Albert Schultz, live in Toronto with their two children.

Susan Coyne

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