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Big Rock Beat

Big Rock Beat

A Wacky Zany Romp

Special Warfare (Volume 3)

Greg Kihn

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It's 1967, the summer of love, ten years after legendary B movie director Landis Woodley's cult horror classic Cadaver. Now Woodley is shooting a rock-and-roll movie, complete with beach bunnies, hot rods, monsters, and rock bands. And as usual, money is tight.

Producer Sol Kravitz introduces Woodley to Tijuana financier Hector Diablo, who invests a huge amount of money in the movie with the proviso that James Dean's death car, which he has rebuilt and named The Impresser, has a starring role.

But something else is attached to this movie. Something that's not in the script. Sol is the first to die. Then others. And payback's a bitch.

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"Cut!" Landis Woodley shouted, but the actors wouldn't stop moving. "Hey! What are you guys doin'? I said, ‘Cut!' "
They lumbered toward him, a pack of zombies, mindlessly placing one stiff leg...


Praise for Big Rock Beat

“Gets better and better as it gets stranger and stranger.....The action is interwoven with bits of outrageous humor....The pace is fast, the interest never lags, and this novel is original enough to enchant readers of Stephen King and Clive barker. A terrific first novel for horror fans, and I hope there are many more to come.” —VOYA on Horror Show

“Greg Kihn can write and tell a damn good story.....I had a great time with this book.” —F. Paul Wilson on Horror Show

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About the author

Greg Kihn

Greg Kihn is the author of Horror Show and Shade of Pale. He is the drive time disc jockey at KUFX in San Jose, California.

Greg Kihn

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