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Bone Dust White

Bone Dust White

A Novel

Macy Greeley Mysteries (Volume 1)

Karin Salvalaggio

Minotaur Books




Someone is knocking at the door to Grace Adams' house, and he won't stop. Grace thinks she knows who it is, but when she goes to her second floor window for a look she sees a woman she doesn't recognize. The woman isn't alone for long before a man emerges from the dark of the surrounding woods, stabs her, and leaves her for dead. Trying to help, Grace goes to the woman and is shocked to find that it's her mother Leanne—a woman who abandoned her 11 years before. There's nothing she can do, and Leanne is already past the point where she can tell Grace what happened all those years ago or why she came back now.

While Grace was only a child when Leanne left her, Detective Macy Greeley has been waiting for Leanne ever since she disappeared from Collier, MT. She's looking to close a case that has been haunting the town for far too long, but Collier is a hard-bitten place where the people are fierce when it comes to keeping their feuds between themselves and keeping secrets hidden in the past.

Karin Salvalaggio's outstanding crime fiction debut Bone Dust White is an absolutely stunning work that signals the entrance of a major new talent.



"He's hurt her, she's bleeding."
With the phone to her ear, Grace slips away from the soft spill of light coming through the kitchen windows and leans heavily on a refrigerator crowded with family photos. The upturned corners snap...


Praise for Bone Dust White

“Riveting…[Salvalaggio] illuminates her dark story with deeply realized characters--Grace and Macy are particularly memorable--as well as richly descriptive prose…A stunning debut, Bone Dust White marks the beginning of what promises to be Salvalaggio's stellar career.” —Richmond Times-Dispatch

“Salvalaggio is a stunning new voice in crime fiction, and her heroine Detective Macy Greeley is the kind of tough and complex character that I can't wait to see more of.” —Deborah Crombie, New York Times bestselling author of The Sound of Broken Glass

“Karin Salvalaggio is an exciting new voice in crime fiction…[and] she continues to receive critical praise for her heroine, Detective Macy Greeley.” —Huffington Post

“The suspense meter spikes dramatically…This complicated, peel-away-layers debut procedural intoxicates from the opening page.” —Library Journal (Debut of the Month, starred review)

“Salvalaggio's characters and the landscape of their lives are astutely drawn.” —Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

“As jarring as a headfirst plunge in an icy river, Bone Dust White is a stark and unforgettable reading experience; its ambience, like the bruised people whose twisted lives it traces, is chilly–and irresistible.” —Julia Keller, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of A Killing in the Hills

“This is a gripping tale from start to finish, and a first-rate debut that augurs well for Salvalaggio's soon-to-be-huge fan base.” —BookPage

“In Salvalaggio's haunting debut…the author creates a hardscrabble community of characters that readers won't soon forget.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Karin Salvalaggio

KARIN SALVALAGGIO received in MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck at the University of London. Born is West Virginia and raised in an Air Force family, she grew up on a number of military bases around the United States. She now lives in London with her two children. Bone Dust White is her first novel.

Karin Salvalaggio

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