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Losers, Inc.

Losers, Inc.

West Creek Middle School Series (Volume 1)

Claudia Mills

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Ethan Winfield has never been an academic or athletic star like his older brother, Peter. But does that make him a failure? Of course not. Still, Ethan and his best friend, Julius Zimmerman, decide that they qualify to found an exclusive club: Losers, Inc.

No sooner have they done this, however, than both boys fall in love with the new student teacher. Ethan knows right away that to impress Ms. Gunderson he has to excel. Instead of reading the shortest book for his report, he has to read the longest. Instead of working with Julius on the worst project for the science fair, he has to make the best one--alone.

Unfortunately, it isn't Ms. Gunderson who falls for Ethan, but Lizzie Archer, class nerd. The teasing is unbearable! So without regard for Lizzie's feelings--and over Julius's objections--Ethan helps hatch a plot to prove that he's not Lizzie's boyfriend. The result is that even as he reports on a book that's longer than any Peter read in the sixth grade, and prepares a potentially winning science project, Ethan feels that he doesn't deserve anyone's love--not Ms. Gunderson's, not Lizzie's, not Julius's, not his own.

Claudia Mills, creator of Dinah Seabrooke (Dynamite Dinah, Dinah for President, Dinah in Love, Dinah Forever) and other overachievers, portrays a boy who needs a reason to strive, finds one, then realizes that success isn't enough. Smart, funny, and down to earth, this hero engages and entertains as he struggles mightily to grow up.


Praise for Losers, Inc.

“Life is unfair to middle-grader Ethan Winfield and his best friend, Julius, so they form a losers' club. Then Ethan gets a crush on the new student teacher, and suddenly losing is no longer attractive. . .Mills writes here with touching comedy about a boy's muddle at home and at school.” —Booklist

“Funny, lively, and hopeful.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Claudia Mills

Claudia Mills is a highly regarded author of books for children, mainly middle-grade novels. Her most recent novel, Dinah Forever, was closely analyzed by The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books in its "The Big Picture" review, and was among the list of "Bulletin Blue Ribbons 1995." According to a starred review in School Library Journal, "As in previous books, Mills is particularly effective in her creation of complex relationships between characters."

Claudia Mills teaches philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder, where she lives with her husband and their two sons.

Claudia Mills

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