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The Nanny Book

The Nanny Book

The Smart Parent's Guide to Hiring, Firing, and Every Sticky Situation in Between

Susan Carlton and Coco Myers

St. Martin's Griffin



Hiring a nanny--and getting along with her afterward--may be one of the most important things that parents do, yet many of us approach the whole business with fear and trembling, or at least a lot of questions. Even parents who may manage dozens of employees at work can be at a loss when it comes to dealing with the person who will be looking after their children.

Nanny, au pair, caregiver--no matter the term, the thorny issues remain the same:

-How do you find someone you like and trust?
-Should you invite the nanny to Thanksgiving dinner?
-When should you raise her fee--and by how much?
-What should you do when the au pair is a flirt?
-How do you sort out the laundry and other chores?
-Nanny surveillance--should you spy?

The Nanny Book provides real, down-to-earth solutions for almost every conceivable issue or problem. Filled with advice gleaned through interviews with families and nannies, this book will turn parents into their own experts. Other books focus almost exclusively on hiring a caregiver. The Nanny Book is the only guide that gives smart, parent-tested solutions to those sticky situations that can make or break the relationship.


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About the author

Susan Carlton and Coco Myers

Susan Carlton is a freelance writer who lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, with her husband and two daughters. Currently a contributing editor for Mademoiselle, she has written for a variety of magazines, including Parents, Parenting, Self and Mirabella.

Coco Myers is a freelance writer who lives in East Hampton, New York, with her husband and two sons. Currently a contributing writer for Elle, she has worked as editor and writer at a number of magazines, including Mirabella, Allure, and Self.

Susan Carlton

Coco Myers

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