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The Power of a Penny

The Power of a Penny

Little Ways Our Lives Can Count for Something Big

Glenn Dromgoole

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Sometimes we find ourselves feeling like an old penny. Worthless. Forgotten. Discarded. Flattened. Ugly. Yet, like the penny, we still have value, we can make a difference.
We have the power to smile.
We have the power to be kind.
We have the power to be courteous and pleasant.
We have the power to praise.
We have the power to listen.
We have the power to try.
We have the power to care.
We do not lack for power. We just need to recognize what we do have and make the best use of it.
These short selections show readers the path to cultivating the everyday powers, gifts, and opportunities we all have, so as to make a positive difference in our world.
Discover your power, discover the Power of a Penny.


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About the author

Glenn Dromgoole

GLENN DROMGOOLE is the co-founder of Americans for More Civility, a grassroots movement promoting reason, kindness and generosity in public life and private actions. Mr. Dromgoole spent thirty years as a newspaper editor and reporter, and has taught journalism at four colleges. He is the author of The Power of a Penny, among other books, and lives in Abilene, Texas.

Glenn Dromgoole

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