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The Changeling Garden

The Changeling Garden

The Story of a Garden with a Mind of Its Own

Winifred Elze

St. Martin's Press


In The Changeling Garden by Winifred Elze, when Annie and Mark and their five-year-old son, David, move into a grand old Victorian house surrounded by a jumble of gardens, they are not prepared for the terrifying adventure that awaits them. Little David demonstrates an immediate affinity with the plants, who protect as well as play with him. Annie soon discovers a mysterious birthright and extraordinary powers of her own. And the entire family becomes involved in a fantastic ancient feud that is rooted in the garden, but quickly takes on global implications. The Changeling Garden is an amazement. Domestic events become frightening as familiar plants conspire to heal or kill, or even to infiltrate the minds of an entire community ... while a jungle thousands of miles away prepares to reclaim its rights to the very planet on which it lives.


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