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Once Upon a Time in Great Britain

Once Upon a Time in Great Britain

A Travel Guide to the Sights and Settings of Your Favorite Children's Stories

Melanie Wentz

St. Martin's Griffin



Visiting England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales? Don't miss Narnia, Wonderland, Hogwarts and Middle-Earth!

If you're planning a trip abroad--or just a flight of fancy into literature's best-loved magical lands--Melanie Wentz's Once Upon a Time in Great Britain is a wonderful chance to read all about the creation of your favorite children's books. This book is both a practical travel guide for your family vacation to the UK, and a terrific source of armchair-travel fascination.

Each chapter covers classics such as Peter Rabbit and Paddington Bear for the youngest tourists, Alice in Wonderland, Kidnapped and The Secret Garden for the older kids, and C.S. Lewis' Narnia Chronicles and J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books for everyone.

Read about the real chocolate factory that made such an impression on the young Roald Dahl, or the cozy pub where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien introduced their friends to Narnia and hobbits. Treat your kids to a visit to the real "100 Aker Wood" that helped A.A. Milne create Winnie the Pooh, or the station where Thomas the Tank Engine lives. And enjoy the many original illustrations that made the books so distinctive on their first publications.

From parents who grew up on Wind in the Willows, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan to kids who thrill to Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time in Great Britain is a must-have addition to the libraries of children--and adults--everywhere.


Praise for Once Upon a Time in Great Britain

“This first book by an Oakland writer and educator is a keeper: a good idea, done well.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Once Upon a Time in Great Britain" is a ticket to the magical places of childhood...a delightful treasury of details about the lives and landscapes of the people who created some of our most enduring children's stories....For any grownup with a child in their lives--or just a bit of childhood still lodged in their hearts--this is a guidebook sure to be read over and over, at home and while traveling.” —The Boston Globe

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About the author

Melanie Wentz

Melanie Wentz, a longtime teacher and administrator, recently spent a year exploring England and Scotland with her family. She lives in Oakland, CA, with her husband and their two daughters.

Melanie Wentz

Melanie Wentz

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