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Love and Death in Kathmandu

Love and Death in Kathmandu

A Strange Tale of Royal Murder

Amy Willesee and Mark Whittaker

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On June 1, 2001, the heir to the Nepalese throne, Crown Prince Dipendra, donned military fatigues, armed himself with automatic weapons, walked in on a quiet family gathering, and, without a word, mowed his family down before turning a gun on himself. But Dipendra did not die immediately, and while lying in a coma was declared king. He was now a living god.

Award-winning journalists Amy Willesee and Mark Whittaker set out to understand what could have led to such a devastating tragedy, one that fascinated and appalled the world. Exploring Kathmandu and other parts of the kingdom, they conducted exhaustive interviews with everyone from Maoist guerillas to members and friends of the royal family, gaining insight into the people involved in and the events behind the massacre. At the heart of the story is the love affair between Dipendra and the beautiful aristocrat Devyani Rana, whom he was forbidden to marry. Culminating their portrait of Nepal is a chilling reconstruction of the events of that fatal day.

As conspiracy theories circulate and rebels threaten to topple the monarchy, the future of this small Himalayan kingdom promises to be as tumultuous as its past. Revealing a country where the twenty-first century mingles uneasily with the fourteenth, Love and Death in Kathmandu is both an enlightening portrait of a place that is a world apart and a riveting investigation of an incredible crime.


"Few Nepalis we meet believe their crown prince is guilty. There is an air of quiet resignation in Kathmandu, both in the few who believe the apparent evidence, and among the majority who cling to what they know in their hearts. Their beloved Crown...


Praise for Love and Death in Kathmandu

“Willesee and Whittaker not only unravel a rattling tale, they evocatively capture a unique place.” —The Sunday Telegraph [Australia]

“Gripping, nicely observed, and tightly written.” —The Age [Australia]

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