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The New Age Dog

The New Age Dog

A Modern, Alternative Approach to Canine Care

Liz Palika

Renaissance Books



Wouldn't it be great if you could experience your relationship with your dog for the extraordinary thing that it really is? Author/trainer Liz Palika's The New Age Dog explores the many ways you can take your connection with your dog to a new, deeper level. You'll learn about:

Natural Health Care
*how to prepare a healthful homemade diet
*how to give your dog a therapeutic massage
*how to use acupressure to treat physical and emotional ailments
*how to create and apply herbal remedies

Better Communication
*how to read your dog's body language
*what your body language says to your dog
*the potential for telepathic communication

New Horizons
*metaphysical aspects of your relationship with your dog
*how astrology and numerology can tell you more about your dog
*bringing your dog into your spiritual beliefs

Palika's enlightened approach to canine care and companionship isn't just abstract theories. With the use of easy-to-read graphics, she provides concrete ways to expand your day-to-day interactions with your dog. And for quick answers to specific problems, such as depression or allergies, a reference section lists a variety of alternative remedies.

Practical and magical, The New Age Dog will send you and your dog on a fulfilling journey to new realms of mutual awareness.


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About the author

Liz Palika

Liz Palika trains dogs in obedience and travels with her dogs doing canine therapy. She has written over thirty books, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Raising a Puppy and Save That Dog! She resides in Oceanside, California, with her three dogs, Dax, Kes, and Riker.

Liz Palika

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