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No Brakes

No Brakes

A Novel

Lois Gould

Henry Holt and Co.



A vintage car rally in Northern Ireland--a three-day race over rough country roads through hostile territory where armed patrols shoot to kill. An American woman of a certain age, clever and independent, is along for the ride, co-driver and navigator to a charming narcissist who is also her son's best friend. She has known Ludo since he was a boy--knows, too, that their affair is forbidden ground.

He is a sensualist, selfish but magnetic. Life, death, sex, politics--all are no more than entertainments to him.

Dangers erupt. Police respond to a bomb threat. Rumors spread. One of the cars may be carrying explosives. Warnings come that a bridge is mined, a road booby-trapped. And a wild young British princess, driving incognito in a competing car, may be the target of terrorists. May be a terrorist herself.

And tying uncontrolled rumor to barely repressed violence: the cynical manipulation of big money, willing to trade in anything--drugs, arms, nuclear fules, human lives.

Moving as swiftly as the race it runs, No Brakes is a taut, erotic thriller in which speed, danger, and passion are players in a sinister game no one can win.


Praise for No Brakes

"A nicely put-together thriller from the talented Gould."—Kirkus Reviews

About the author

Lois Gould

Lois Gould makes her home in New York and Connecticut, but for five years she lived in Ballina, Ireland. A frequent contributor to The New York Times, she is the author of seven previous novels: Such Good Friends, Necessary Objects, Final Analysis, A Sea-Change, La Presidenta, Subject to Change, and Medusa's Gift.

Lois Gould



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