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The Best Guide to Meditation

The Best Guide to Meditation

This is the Perfect Book if You Want to Reduce Stress, if You Already Meditate but Want to Learn New Techniques, or if You're Just Curious About How it Works

Victor N. Davich; Foreword by Jack Canfield

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You've heard about meditation but don't know where to begin? Begin with this book!

-Want instant gratification? Go directly to chapter 2 and you will start meditating immediately!

-Your doctor says you can control stress with meditation. Your doctor is right! It also works on anxiety and hypertension.

-This book jump-starts the novice by making meditation instantly accessible, and shows intermediate and advance meditators how to deepen their practice.

-Busy, busy, busy? If you're looking for peace of mind, happiness, relaxation, and serenity, try meditation.

-It's simple, it's natural, and its results can be permanent
-Who meditates...aside from Deepak Chopra, the Dalai Lama, and The Beatles? Well, Goldie Hawn, Barbara De Angelis, Richard Gere, Oliver Stone, Andrew Weil, M.D., and Howard Stern, to name a few.

-Feeling muddleheaded, slightly out of it? Meditating gets you in touch with your emotions and teaches you how to go with the flow.


Praise for The Best Guide to Meditation

Praise for 8 Minute Meditation: "Humorous, wise, effective, and resolutely nonsectarian." - Library Journal

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About the author

Victor N. Davich; Foreword by Jack Canfield

Victor N. Davich has studied for more than twenty-five years with several of the West's foremost meditation teachers. He has also been a business affairs attorney, creative consultant, and producer for Parmount Pictures, Fox Broadcasting, and Universal-TV. He resides in Venice, California.

Victor N. Davich

Jack Canfield

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