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Powerful Prayers

Powerful Prayers

Conversations on Faith, Hope, and the Human Spirit with Today's Most Provocative People

Larry King with Rabbi Irwin Katsof

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In his latest best seller, Powerful Prayers, the king of the interview asks some of the world's most prominent, glamorous, and intriguing figures to answer the most profound questions of our times-questions that deal with the resurgence of faith and spirituality. Larry King explores the intimate prayers of such famous personalities as Muhammad Ali, Barbara Bush, President Jimmy Carter, Deepak Chopra, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Alan Dershowitz, Laurence Fishburne, John Gray, Goldie Hawn, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Tommy Lasorda, Ralphy Reed, Shimon Peres, Ann Richards, Anthony Robbins, Rene Russo, Steve Young, and others.


Praise for Powerful Prayers

“The provocative, often entertaining discussion that results [in Powerful Prayers] illuminates the roles of faith, hope, and spiritual longing in modern life...informative, insightful, and life-affirming.” —Library Journal

Powerful Prayers is a book for the ages. The words of enlightment from these powerful personalities will inform and touch you. And the humor and passion of King's odyssey with Rabbi Katsof will inspire you to take an introspective look at your faith, or move you to take a spiritual journey of your own.” —Jewish Journal

“Mr. King brings his famous interview skills to bear on what he calls 'the big conversation.' The result-a stirring, humorous, sometimes exhilarating exploration of why and how people pray and the impact prayer has on their lives-plumbs new depths for the celebrity interview.” —The Christian Science Monitor

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Larry King with Rabbi Irwin Katsof

Larry King is a renowned journalist and bestselling author. As host for the past thirteen years of CNN's highest-rated show, Larry King Live, he is one of the world's most recognized people.

Rabbi Irwin Katsof is the executive vice-president of the Jerusalem Fund of Aish HaTorah, an international educational organization dedicated to the preservation of Jewish religion and heritage.

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