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Hollywood 101

Hollywood 101

The Film Industry

Frederick Levy

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Looking for a career in the film business? Look no further.

Making it in Hollywood is possible. But only if you have a workable strategy. When author Frederick Levy launched his own fledgling career, he didnt' know a soul in the business. But that didn't stop him and it doesn't have to stop you. Hollywood 101 is a complete game plan for getting your foot in the door of the film industry. With fascinating inside stories and advice from key players, it takes you step-by-step up the ladder of success. Whether you aspire to be a producer, director, writer, talent agent, and any other behind-the-camera professional, this is the one book you need to turn your "reel" dreams into reality!


Praise for Hollywood 101

“By page 47, I graded this book 100...and it went up from there! It's such an informative book about getting in, successfully being in the film industry. It's detailed and casual, with wonderful stories and effective comments and quotes. It does it all!” —Arthur Hiller, former president, Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences

“There's nothing like it in Hollywood...It is Hollywood, from A-to-Z, especially "C"--for career. They only thing better is having an uncle who owns a studio.” —Bill Harris, E! Entertainment Television

“Hollywood 101 is an essential resource for anyone seeking work in the film business. This amazing book breaks down into steps everything a person needs to know to approach and achieve their dream job in the entertainment industry.” —Paul Clinton, Film Reviewer and Entertainment Reporter for CNN

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About the author

Frederick Levy

Frederick Levy is the Vice President of Development and Production at Marty Katz Productions. Before joining the company, he worked for American Entertainment Investors and InterMedia/Film Equities, Inc., both of which finance and package independent films. He resides in Los Angeles.

Frederick Levy

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